Monday, September 2, 2013

What Real Motherhood Looks Like (Vol.1)

Sarah and I are so excited to share this inaugural post of our "What Real Motherhood Looks Like" linkup.  The purpose of the link up is to show the sides of motherhood that you don't always make visible to others.  The difficult days.  The messes.  The cuddles with your sick toddler.  The little moments of playing and learning together that make up a beautiful life but make for a boring picture.  

The idea for the linkup was hatched from the guest post from Sarah you can see here.  We were thrilled by the positive feedback and hope that many of you will share your pictures.  Scroll to the bottom of the post for the linkup details and widget.

Here's some pictures of my less-than-picture-worthy moments from this month:

 Unfortunately, this is what 99% of the pictures I try to take look like.  Lucia loves the camera, which means the moment she sees it she WANTS IT NOW.  Getting one of her smiling (or just not crying) is rare these days.

When Lucia does get a hold of the camera, this is what we get. (x30)

 Sorry so blurry, but I had to show you how our shopping trips usually go.  She insists on "pushing" the cart.  I love her independence and desire to help.

Lulu would do anything for her dolls and stuffies, including giving them the diaper off her own bum. 

Wonder if anyone shows up to tea with the Queen without a shirt?  Naked Lulu is a staple in our home.


  1. Love it! Little girls are just plain 'ol precious :). (and I laughed hysterically over the box of yellow tail in the tea pic...probably just a moving box but STILL!)

  2. I LOVE this series! Great insight into motherhood for me :). I also love the picture of Lucia and you with the shopping cart lol!

  3. I love this! Lulu's selfies are pretty good!

  4. Great post! I had forgotten the days of Bobby wanting to push his stroller home from Grandma's three days a week. We looked just like you and Lucia. And the camera problem is one we run into regularly. How sweet of Lucia to give up her diaper so her stuffies don't have to go without!


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