This blog is no longer updated. I started in a new blog in Dec. 2014 as an outlet for my thoughts on recurrent pregnancy loss following my fourth miscarriage. You can read that here: A Blog About Miscarriage

I'm Mandi, a 20-something Catholic wife and mother.  You'd think this picture was taken at my wedding, but it wasn't.  In 2013, I slipped back into my wedding dress to take some pictures with my husband for our 3rd anniversary.  Our daughter joined us for some of the pictures too.  We've created a full and beautiful life in the past three years and even though the dress still fits, I feel like a much different person than that young woman who walked down the aisle.  

These are my loves.  David and I met on CatholicMatch in March 2008 and married in July 2010.  He has a PhD and teaches biology and chemistry at a Catholic prep school.  I first fell in love with him because of his faith and dedication to the Lord.  He enjoys playing classical guitar, tennis and science.  We're still very much in love.

Lucia was born in December 2011.  She loves Mickey Mouse, baby dolls, dinosaurs, and running around naked. 

David and I conceived two more children who we lost to miscarriage in October 2013 and February 2014. I often blog about pregnancy loss as a part of my own healing process and to share my experiences with others. I am a contributing author at Faith In All Times, a site dedicated to women dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss.

When I'm not spending time with my family or blogging, you'll probably find me baking a sweet treat, selling Lilla Rose hair accessories, starting (and rarely finishing) craft projects, reading dystopian fiction or war history, watching The Amazing Race, playing word games, or doing cloth diaper laundry.  Usually what I wish I were doing is sleeping.

Photography by Dandy Little Lens Photography (Northern Colorado).