Friday, July 18, 2014

Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.

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Yesterday, I mentioned I might have a fashion post this week showing off my Twice purchases. Well, you 'll never see that post. In fact, you won't see any more posts from me; I've decided to stop blogging.

When I announced in May that I was taking a blogging break, I had an inkling that it might be more than just the summer. And yet, I found myself missing the blog, starting drafts for the future, and even planning a redesign and transfer to WordPress. All the while, I've been praying about it and it's become more and more clear that God is calling me elsewhere. The blog had a time and a place and I truly believe that I (quite accidentally) fell into doing God's work on the Internet, but like most things in life, its season was relatively short and in order to move on to do what He is calling me to next, I must leave this behind.

In a week or two, I'll be setting this blog to private and closing down some of my social media accounts. It's a bittersweet thought.  On one hand, I'm looking forward to the simplicity it will bring, on the other, I'm a bit heartbroken to leave behind the community I have formed here.  Many of you have followed me and my family for years, offered me support and love, prayers and practical advice. I'm so grateful for all that this blog has brought me, including several friends I see "in real life" on a regular basis and my husband's job.  What blessings!  

I started this blog as a newlywed and now I'm the mother of a two year old (who is closer to three than two!) and just celebrated my fourth anniversary.  I don't know how my life would be different if I didn't have my blog through it all, but I know it would be drastically so, and probably for the worst.  More than anything, this blog has helped me connect to women who share my faith and helped me grow in my own.  It has challenged me to walk the walk. 

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that our desire to continue to try to grow our family in relative anonymity has affected our decision as well.  Our yearning for more children, our losses and grief have all been very public so far and I look forward to the journey in front of us being a bit more private, shared only with close friends and family.  If you feel called to continue to pray for us, we'd love your prayers.

I won't completely disappear. I still plan to write for Faith in All Times and Blessed Is She and perhaps a guest post for some of my dear blogger friends from time to time. I'm sure I'll still have thoughts to write and share but I'll just have to be more intentional about them in the small opportunities I'll have to share.  You'll also be able to find me on Facebook in The Catholic Brew.

So, this is it, my friends.  I'll be praying for you.  God bless.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What we're celebrating today, softening my heart of stone, and where you can find me.

Today is my fourth wedding anniversary.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long, yet I can't quite remember what life was like before David.  This past year has been a tough one for us moving once again away from our families, David starting a new job. and our two miscarriages but, if anything, it has only affirmed how blessed I am to have David as my partner through it all.  

Anyway, my blog break is still going on (though I will probably have a fashion post up next week so you can help me decide which items from my Twice order I should keep and which I should send back - kind of like a po' folks version of Stitch Fix.) but I wanted you to know where you can find me in the meantime:  

I am a contributor for Faith in All Times, a website dedicated to Catholic women dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss.  My newest essay just posted:
Sometimes I wonder if my own hardheartedness is to blame for my miscarriages. I've grown so much spiritually since (and through) my losses. Perhaps God knew that the only way I would truly humble myself and trust Him was through being utterly in pain, broken, and empty. It's true that it's easier to reach out to God when we have nothing on this earth that can comfort us.
If that's the case, then my children are truly my road to salvation; they are guiding me to the Cross. They have not suffered. No, they have been redeemed while I have suffered their absence. How blessed are they to have never had to endure the hardships of this earth! And all the while, they are helping to bring their mother closer to them in heaven.
Shouldn't it be the opposite though? Shouldn't I, their mother, be the one shepherding and guiding them to the Lord? Protecting them? Sacrificing myself for them? The order seems to be reversed, but the ways of the world are not the ways of the Lord. "The first shall be last" and all of that. So here it is, a mother being guided toward heaven by her children...continue reading at Faith in All Times

I'll also be contributing to Blessed Is She, a daily Catholic women's devotional starting in September. Until then, you can subscribe to get the daily readings, read the contributor's bios, and follow us on a plethora of social media to get your daily dose of the Word.  I'm personally helping head up the Pinterest page and would be pleased as peaches if you'd follow along.  I'm very excited about this project and the faithful, committed group of women who are dedicated to it. 

Last but not least, I recently joined Instagram so you can follow me there.  I've been sharing some of my favorite scriptures (and pictures of my sweet pea).  Here's my recent absolute favorite: