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Broken: rising about damaging relationships is a blog series that developed from my desire to help women who or currently or have previously been in a damaging relationship and to hopefully prevent other women from entering one.  I have been in a damaging relationship myself which, although minimal in terms of physical abuse, was rife with emotional abuse and left me feeling broken, worthless, and alone.  However, I was not alone.  

Unfortunately, my experiences were not unique and although I wish no other woman had ever gone through damaging relationship, the support and advice of other women has made it easier to bear my burdens and heal.  I often wonder if other women had been more open about their negative experiences would I have had the knowledge and strength to get out of the relationship at the early signs of trouble.  I'll never know, but perhaps by putting our stories out there, we may help other women from ever being in relationships where they are treated in a way not befitting their inherent dignity, help others to identify the dangers of their current relationships and leave them, and help survivors of damaging relationships heal. 

If you have a story to share, I welcome you to do so.  I would be happy to change your name or make it anonymous.  It doesn't have to be a personal narrative, it can be advice to women about avoiding these relationships, getting out of them, or for friend/family of women who are in such circumstances.  You can write about the healing process or about how you found yourself in that situation.  In essence, you can write anything you think might help someone in a damaging relationship (or keep someone out of one).  Please send submissions or questions to

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