Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (89)

--- 1 ---

David has a job interview on Tuesday.  It's in North Carolina, so he'll be flying out for it on Monday and coming back on Wednesday.  Please say a prayer that it goes well and that he is offered the position if it's God's will?  Thanks!

--- 2 ---

How did I not discover Etsy before?  I mean, I've known about it for a while and I've even bought a few things from it, but I didn't really "get" it before.  Let me explain.  Before Lucia was born, I searched high and low for rocking chair cushions.  It was so hard to find a set of both the bottom and back cushion.  (I could find tons of bottom cushions.  Seriously?  What mom wants to rock her baby for hours without a back cushion?)  I finally found a store that sold them, but they only came in boring solid colors.  What did I stumble upon this week?  These gorgeous reversible rocking chair cushions in gorgeous patterns on Etsy.  In addition to being more of what I want, I would have preferred to buy from a small business/individual than a big box store.  And they are the same exact price as the boring black cushions I bought.  It never occurred to me to look on Etsy!  Boo.  That shop was around before Lucia was born, and had I just hopped onto Etsy and searched "rocking chair cushions", Lucia's nursery would have been a little more rockin'!

--- 3 ---

We are going to a baseball game this weekend and will be watching it from a suite thanks to my dad's work!  I love baseball games and am so excited for our first game of the year.  Lucia also has a great time planned as she will be staying the night with her auntie & uncle for the first time.

--- 4 ---

Only five teaching days left! I'm looking forward to a little break before diving into summer job hunting.  I know I should be looking now, but I'm just a bit too overwhelmed at the moment to even attempt it!
--- 5 ---

I have a $25 off $75 coupon available for my boutiqueIt can only be used once for one customer, so speak up now if you want it.  If you spend $50 (which you would with the coupon), you also get a free Elyse scarf.  Maybe you can stock up on gifts for the next few birthdays?  (P.S. See that cute little birdie necklace above?  You can order it with one, two, or three little chicks for moms of one, two, or three. I love it!)

--- 6 ---

Lucia is so grown up now.  She definitely doesn't look like a baby anymore.  And her attitude is aaaaaaall toddler.  We're loving it!

--- 7 ---

Won't you check out my newest sponsor, Megan of Purity of HeartShe has a beautiful blog whose purpose is "to inspire and encourage women of all ages to know who God truly made women to be."

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  1. Love the pictures! So cute :). I hope the North Carolina job opportunity works out!

  2. Lucia looks SO TALL in that first picture in #6!!!

    If David needs a home cooked meal Monday or Tuesday (alfredo anyone?) let me know! He's more than welcome to stop by for some grub.

  3. I get all my earrings from etsy :) It's a blast just to browse :)

  4. Where in NC? My family is in the Raleigh Area (as is Stacy from My sister lives in Charlotte/Concord area and my husband I are frequent visitors to the mtns.

  5. Praying for the job opportunity! Love the pictures of Lucia and of course "hearing" how to pronounce her name in your last post. If my one on the way is a girl.. its in our top 5 choices of girl names :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Lucia is SO big and SO cute!

    Best of luck to David on his interview, I'll be praying for him and for your family! =)

  7. Where is the job in NC? Raleigh again? If you move there then I will probably get to meet you someday! Praying for him!

  8. Hooray that David has an interview! I was praying for his job situation this morning and thinking of all of you. Lucia is getting so big. I love how her personality comes through in the photos.

  9. Thanks, Rita! She is such a ham and it shows!

  10. Thanks, Amanda! You've had quite a bit of exciting news yourself!

  11. Oh my goodness! I didn't catch that you were expecting! Congratulations! I love Lulu's name, we've had nothing but positive responses to it (other than the pronunciation confusion)!

  12. It is the Raleigh area. You knew we lived there last year, right? We've met Stacy in person on a few occasions when we were there!

  13. His dad is flying out with him to see the place (he never came out when we lived there) and the school is taking him out to eat on Tuesday, but thanks so much for the offer. If he was going to be there longer, I know he would have loved to see you. By the way, why does your Disqus profile say Stacy Miller? That is NOT your name!

  14. Lulu is actually really tiny for her age, but she looks tall to me too! She's just so slender now, like her daddy!


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