Monday, December 9, 2013

A St. Nicholas Weekend

Our family had a wonderful weekend and it was all marked by the presence of Saint Nicholas.  Which is interesting since last year was the first that we even celebrated his feast day.

Friday morning, Lucia woke up to presents in her shoes. I know I already shared this picture on Friday, but I am again.  The St. Nicholas doll is from Sanctus Stitches The Snowy Day is Lucia's new favorite book, she makes us read it over and over and over and over again.

David and I received tickets from his work to attend the St. Nicholas Ball.  We heard Scott Hahn speak, had dinner and there was a live orchestra for dancing.  We had a wonderful time and I appreciated the opportunity to dress up.  A fancy date with my husband was the perfect gift for St. Nicholas Day, no?

I spent the weekend selling Lilla Rose at our parish school's holiday bazaar.  When I first signed up to sell Lilla Rose, I told myself that I would only sell online - no home parties or vendor events because I'm shy and those terrify me.  But, when I saw the ad for the church bazaar, I signed up.  I really don't know what prompted me to do it, because I really enjoyed it.  When is the last time you did something totally out of your comfort level...and had fun with it?

On Sunday, St. Nicholas visited the bazaar.  We got a family picture with him and I think it came out great, don't you?  (A smiling Lulu would have been better, but I take what I can get.) I found it a bit humorous that Lucia was more frightened by St. Nicholas than Santa Claus (who was at the bazaar the previous day) since Lucia has seen Bishops on several occasions. 

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  1. You met St. Nicholas! What fun! Thank you for posting the link for your St. Nicholas doll.


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