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  1. Hi Mandi!

    I stumbled across your blog through To The Heights and I wanted to say hello. I read your post on living with your parents while married and I so related; my husband, daughter, and I are going on a year with my in-laws. Reading your posts, I was thinking, "Someone else gets it!!" It's not been easy, but it has been a blessing. I also noticed (I feel like a creeper but I guess blogs set you up for that!) that your husband is teaching in Raleigh. I went to St. Thomas More Academy for HS and my sister still attends. Is he at STMA or Gibbons? My husband has a masters in Theology and is job hunting for something in ministry/teaching (hopefully, maybe, whatever we can find). Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself -- maybe we will run into each other one of these days when I am in town visiting my family.

    God bless!

    Hayley Seng


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