Friday, December 10, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 3)

1) We are in Colorado visiting our families until Tuesday.  We flew in yesterday and are staying at David’s parents until tomorrow morning.  Then, we are going to my friend’s graduation from nursing school (she doesn’t know we are coming…at least it’s supposed to be a surprise!) and then spending the rest of the time with my family and visiting a few of my friends.

2) I am going to be a Godmother to my grandfather!  Tomorrow afternoon, my grandfather is becoming Catholic.  He will be baptised, have his first communion, and confirmation in a private Mass just for the family (he has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy, so he can’t be in large crowds of people).  This is a long time coming and he is very excited!  He asked David and I to be his Godparents, and we are very excited and honored.  It’s never too late to become Catholic (he’s 79).

3) I am almost done with my Christmas shopping.  I brought most of the presents out for our families and friends here, and have only a few more things to get.  I’m proud of myself, as well as the fact that I found some thoughtful gifts (at good prices).  I know my family doesn’t like me to spend a lot and doesn’t expect much since we are young and relatively poor, but I really enjoy giving gifts and am willing to do with less so that I can give more.  I especially spoil my little brother, I just can’t help it!

4) The best purchase David and I have made since we got married was a heated mattress pad.  As I think is the case in most marriages, I am always cold while my husband is hot.  Since the mattress pad came with a different control for each side of the bed, I can crank up my “snuggle dial” (as David likes to call it) while his side stays cool.  This has definitely made adjusting to sleeping with someone else much easier.  We got a great deal on one (half off at Kohl’s) but it would have been worth it even if it was full price.

5) My husband is convinced that we should go on a cruise of the Mediterranean.  He’s never been out of the country and is dying to see Europe.  While I would love to go, I’m trying to convince him that we just can’t afford it any time soon, but he was even looking up cruise and flight prices today.  Maybe we’ll find an amazing deal, but I don’t think that’s in our near future.  I think David calmed down a bit when I reminded him that if everything goes as planned, I may be pregnant soon and money will have to be allotted to other things (not to mention I probably don’t want to go on a cruise and travel Europe while pregnant).

6) My husband had his last class ever this week!  One step closer to getting his Ph.D. done.  He was SO excited - after 20 years of school, he’s finally a free man!

7) I’ve been thinking a lot about Mary recently (nothing like Advent and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception to help me get my head in the right place).  As a new wife and aspiring mother, there is no better role model for me right now.  Any ideas of how I can further my devotion to her?

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