Friday, December 31, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 4)

1) With the New Year approaching, I’ve given a lot of thought to New Year’s resolutions. In the past several years, I’ve noticed that I either A) don’t make any resolutions at all or B) I go overboard and make ridiculous resolutions that I can’t keep.  I’ll have to give myself a little time to think about it, and maybe consult my husband, since this is our first New Year’s as a married couple and I would appreciate his support/advice in making changes for the better.

2) David wants a treadmill.  My parents have had many different exercise machines in the past (there are about 5 sitting (dusty) in their basement right now).  So my first reaction is that it would be a waste of money, and would eventually become as functional as a drying rack or storage area.  But David likes to run, and I saved up all my tip money for the entire time I worked at Starbucks which will almost cover the costs.  Maybe I’ll learn to like running too… (probably not).

3) I’m having a hard time adjusting to my new job.  I am grateful to have it, and enjoy the nights and weekends off with David, but by the time I get home at night, I’m exhausted.  Also, I’ve had very little training in the over two weeks since I started and my boss yelled at me the other day (I’m new…give me advice don’t yell at me!).  I’ve never been yelled at by a boss like that before, especially for something that I don’t think is my fault, but perhaps I’m just being a baby.  There aren’t many jobs out there, and many people hate their jobs, have much worse bosses I’m sure, and I should probably just stick with it.  Right?

4) My husband also thinks that I could go back to Starbucks and ask if my boss there would rehire me.  I know of a couple employees that will be leaving soon, so I probably could get my job back, but I left Starbucks because of the irregular hours and low pay, which is why I applied for this job.  But I loved my coworkers, interacting with customers, and the benefits of Starbucks.  How do I choose?

5) Ok, so I do have a New Year’s Resolution: write more on this blog!  I’ve noticed that recently, I’ve liked to do “7 Quick Take Fridays” and haven’t written much else.  I think that’s because I like structure, I’ve never done well with “creative writing” type assignments.  I’m loved writing essays though.

6) Is it weird to say that I am excited to take classes, that I actually miss school (tests, homework, and all)?  I am getting my Indiana Reciprocal Teaching License.  In order to get a permanent IN license, I have to take a test, and if I want to be licensed to teach more social studies subjects (currently I’m licensed, for history, government, English as a New Language, and Spanish), I have to take more classes.

7) I have been incredibly blessed this year: graduated from college, got married, moved out of state.  Even the hardships my family has encountered have turned out well: both my mother and my grandfather were diagnosed with cancer this year and both have gone through treatment and are now cancer free.  It’s easier to see God’s hand in extremes, and I’ve seen him in everything this year.  Hopefully, when life settles down in the new year, I won’t forget to look for God in the everyday.  Oops, I guess I just made another New Year’s resolution without planning to.

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