Friday, July 8, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 18)

1.  We are only a week and a half from our move and everything has been going really smoothly…until a couple hours ago when our car started making a terrible metal on metal grinding sound.  It makes me very nervous that we only have a week to get our car fixed.  I’ll feel much better tomorrow after we take the car in and know exactly what we are dealing with.   Impeccable timing, huh?

2.  My parents will be here in less than a week!  They are flying out to help us pack up and drive the moving truck.  I am so grateful for their help (and the fact that they have taken vacation time two years in a row to help us move - definitely not a fun vacation!), but more than anything I am just so excited to see them! 

3.  We sold our adorable little stack washer/dryer a few days ago and I miss it already (and not just because it was useful for doing wash).  It was just so cute!  Our new apartment has hookups for a regular sized washer and dryer and we’ll probably be able to buy a really nice used one with the money we got for our stackable (why are tiny little stack washer/dryers so much more expensive?) and I’m sure it will be much more useful to do full size loads with all the diapers we’ll have in a couple months, but I’ll miss the cuteness factor.

4.  Today I realized that the diaper covers we’re planning to use (Thirsties) are from my hometown in Colorado!  What are the odds?  And reading up on them on their website, I noticed that not only are they made in the US, 90% of their materials are made in the US.  We had already decided to use them, and I feel even better about our choice. 

Green Toys Stacking Cups5.  Speaking of baby products made in the US, I recently came across Green Toys.  They are made from recycled milk jugs and really adorable.  I especially like these stacking cups.

6.  We just received these awesome moving announcements (I found them here on Etsy).  I already have them addressed and ready to go.  Aren’t they adorable?  I am really behind the times, because I didn’t realize that you can pay someone to make a design for you and then print them out yourself.  It ended up saving me a ton of money (Snapfish was having a big deal on 5X7s and 50 envelopes were only $6 on sale at JoAnn’s Fabrics).  If only I could learn to design something like this myself!

7.  Today, my husband said to me, “We’re going to confession on Monday.”  I’m so grateful that he takes the lead in faith matters in our family, because I definitely need someone keeping me accountable (and isn’t that one of the main goals of marriage - to get one another to heaven?).

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  1. Hi! Good luck with your move. Our car was making a similar, disconcerting metal on metal sound (that's exactly how I described it to people), and it turned out to be the brake pads. It was a little expensive, but nothing serious or complicated. I know waiting for a diagnosis for your car can be nerve wracking, so I just wanted to offer a bit of encouragement (though it might be unfounded given my scant knowledge of cars).

  2. Kari, the car stopped making the noise on the way to the mechanic and he couldn't find anything wrong with it, so it looks like it's ok for now! Thank for the encouragement.

  3. Hope getting ready for your move is going well! Are you moving into an apartment?

    One of our debates about starting a family is whether or not we can in a little one bedroom apartment! I'd be interested to hear how you and your graduate hubby are working through that. :)

  4. Rachel, we are moving into an apartment, although a two bedroom one. I wouldn't hesitate to have a baby in a one bedroom apartment - we'll have the baby in our room for the first six months anyway, I'm thinking...but I know that NC (or maybe it's just Raleigh) and some other places have laws on how many people can be in each size apartment. In Raleigh, it's 2 people per bedroom, so we would not legally be allowed to be in our apartment and would even be evicted if we had three of us in there. I know that's not the case for all places though (I'm sure you would be aware of it in your lease if it was where you live). Just something to think about.

  5. We live in Santa Barbara, CA - ridiculously expensive to live here. Our apartment does have an occupation limit as well (though they have to give you 6 months grace period to move after the baby is born).

    Family housing at the university for a two bedroom is affordable...but they don't allow pets, and we have two cats that we have raised since they were days old. Definitely not giving them up!

    Hence we are stuck in a conundrum...but praying that a door will open soon. Looking forward to reading about your transition! :)


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