Thursday, August 11, 2011

check 'em out (vol. 2)

In February, I wrote a post listing a few of my favorite blogs, and I thought that it might be time for me to write another.  In the last several months, I've found a lot of really great blogs and other Catholic resources on the internet and they have been an immense help as I've struggled with the loneliness of staying at home all day and moving out of state.

A California Girl & A Boston Boy - What can I say, I love Jennie's blog!  She is the mom to two little girls and her positivity despite the difficulties of motherhood is such an inspiration to me.  How can you not smile watching this video of her daughter dancing?

Betty Beguiles - I'm sure you've already heard of her, who hasn't?  But I had to include her because she is such a wealth of information regarding fashion (an area in which I really need to improve) and womanhood.  I particularly like this post of hers on the importance of encouragement.  I like to think that someday, if I follow her advice, I'll be described as fashionable.  If anyone could do it, it would be Betty Beguiles.

Modern Mrs. Darcy - I cannot say enough good things about this blog!  I was hooked on it from the first time I came across it.  The purpose of the blog is "redefining the accomplished woman", something I think my generation of "20 something" women desperately need.  I love her breadth of topics, from the farmers market to encouraging your husband to Eleanor Roosevelt.

Roman Catholic Cop - I came across this blog just recently, but I really enjoy the male perspective on marriage, faith, and family life.   Most of the blogs I follow are written by women and it's nice to have a male counterbalance to them.

That's only a small selection of the blogs I read regularly (hey, I have a lot of time on my hands waiting for the little one!), but these are the blogs that I really excited about reading new posts.  What are your favorite blogs?  What about other websites?


  1. I followed some of these links, and ended up lost in blog land. :) Great links!

  2. I love Betty Beguiles too! She is just so darn sweet.

    My husband is in Australia for another two weeks. I'm sure I can find time to browse all these other great blogs! ;)

  3. Aww, thanks Mandi! I love your blog too! I'm definitely going to check out some of these other blogs. Thanks for the links:)

  4. Wow, Mandi, thanks so much! I'm honored. And two of these are new to me...I'm off to check them out!


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