Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 23)

1.  After writing a post a few days ago about my absolute lack of motivation to get my home in order after our move (which was over a month ago!), I decided I needed a little inspiration… and made a little shopping list that consisted of the ingredients to make my own laundry detergent, oil face cleanser, and supposedly the “best stain remover ever”.  After failing to find more than half the items at my local grocery and retail stores, I went online last night and ordered the rest of the items from  Now the only question is how long they will sit around once they arrive before my motivation returns to actually make these household items.

2. It’s too early to already start making them, but I’ve already started thinking about making and freezing some meals for after the baby is born.  I’ve never frozen meals before, so I don’t really have any frame of reference for this.  Does anybody have good (vegetarian!) recipes that freeze well?  My mom is planning to come a couple days after the baby is born to help for a week or two, but she doesn’t like to cook and I don’t want her to feel obligated to.

3.  I am constantly coming across amazing education resources online, like the Living Math Book List blog.  Using children’s literature to teach math?  Yes please.  And someone has already compiled a list for me?  I’m not in a rush to have my baby grow up, but I am so excited for the day when I can utilize resources like this. 

4.  Can you believe the controversy and rather heated comments this rather innocuous post about dresses over at The Corner with a View received?  I didn’t realize that people felt so strongly about the pants vs. dresses debate.  I always welcome a healthy debate, but some of the commenters were just nasty.   What is it about the internet that makes people feel comfortable bashing complete strangers simply because they disagree with them? 

5.  Last Saturday, the husband and I attended a childbirth class.  It was an eye-opening experience, not because of what we learned in class (although it was really great) but what we learned about the other pregnant couples. They asked very basic questions and seemed very unknowledgeable about pregnancy and the whole process - and most of them are due much sooner than me!  I knew almost nothing about pregnancy and childbirth when I got pregnant (other than how to get pregnant, obviously), so I did everything possible to learn about what my body and baby would be going through in the next nine months.  I probably have about twenty pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding books in our bookshelf (thanks to Paperback Swap - I would never have bought them all new!).  Maybe I’m just an overachiever, but I couldn’t imagine going into childbirth without being highly informed.

6.  I forgot to mention that last week was my husband’s 25th birthday!  While he was at work on his birthday, I made him a homemade “funfetti” cake with cream cheese frosting, which I have dubbed the Great Cake Disaster. Everything that could have gone wrong did.  It took more than double the time to cook than the recipe said it should have, the cake stuck terribly to the pan (I haven’t had that problem since I started using Wilton’s Cake Release), one of the sides crumbled and fell off., and here was barely enough frosting to cover the cake, and on and on and on.  Needless to say, it didn’t look very good.  I added tons of sprinkles on the top to distract from the lumpy disaster.  But the most important thing was that it was ready and in the fridge when the birthday boy came home.  You want to know the funny thing though?  I spent all that time making the cake and he got a free dessert where we went to dinner, so he didn’t even have a piece on his birthday!  He did the next day though (and everyday for the rest of the week) and I am happy to announce that it tasted better than it looked. 

7.  My favorite movie snack is popcorn with jalapeños.  Yes, I know I’m weird, but it is delicious.  I even bring my own jalapeños if the theater doesn’t have them for their nachos.  And no, this is not a pregnancy craving, I discovered this food love when I first started working at a movie theater when I was 15. 

Now I’m heading over to Conversion Diary to check out some more 7 Quick Takes.  Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. You should try some honey on your face too, and lemon-water works well as a toner. :)

  2. Skip the boxed cakes and go for the real deal, that's my vote. It's much tastier anyway. ;) Here's my favorite recipe:

    As for the pregnancy/childbirth class thing, I think that sexuality has been completely undermined in the name of "liberating" it. I shake my head at how many women know nothing about how their bodies work, and yet think that the freedom to have sex all the time liberates them. Uh-oh, every comment I leave today is hitting this subject. Wonder what the Spirit's trying to get me to write? :)

  3. Kathleen, I did make a real cake... but it was a new recipe so maybe it was the recipe and not me? I was very shocked that women who were 8 months pregnant didn't understand some of the "fundamentals" about childbirth...scary!

  4. Hi Mandi!

    Real quick, wanted to comment on a good (meatless) freezer meal. They are affectionately called, "Beany Wraps" by a friend of mine. She introduced me many moons ago...and I am forever hooked. I am not a vegetarian, but would eat these any day of the week. They worked great when I worked outside the home and just had time to grab and go.

    Believe me...after having a little one, in the early stages, "grabbing and going" is a welcome friend. Oh, and did I mention it makes so many that you won't run out for a long, long time. They freeze great too!

    The picture on the site doesn't do them justice, but believe me, they are tasty. Make sure to have some sour cream (or plain yogurt) on hand plus salsa. Yum. I'm hungry now just thinking about them ;)

  5. Mmmmm, the popcorn jalapeno snack sounds absolutely delicious to me. Yummy :D

  6. Hi! I wandered over from Conversion Diary. Lots of meals freeze well. I suggest packing them in meal-sized freezer bags, laid flat on a baking sheet. Once they're frozen, you can stack them. They thaw out more quickly, too.

    Some vegetarian ideas: manicotti or stuffed shells, homemade pasta sauce, pesto (a tiny bag dresses 1# pasta!), bean burritos, taco filling. Soups and stews freeze well, too--black beans (as soup or thicker, for serving with rice), lentil soup, chili, etc. etc. I've even made quiche kits: fill pie shell with cheese and precooked veggies (okay, mine usually has meat), then add a quart sized freezer bag with (whisked)4 eggs, 1 1/2 cups milk, 3 Tbsp flour, 1/4 tsp salt. After it's frozen, wrap well. Thaw overnight, rewisk the wet, pour it in, and bake.

    It's not too early to start packing away food. Make one or two entrees a week that can be packed away (eat some now, pack several extra), and it won't take too much energy, either.

    Congratulations on your baby! This is such an exciting stage!

    BTW, my manicotti, pesto, and quiche recipes are on my cooking blog at God bless you!

  7. Cynthia, thanks for the recipe. My husband isn't a vegetarian and he thought they sound delicious too!

    Barbara, thanks for the ideas. I've never made manicotti before, but that sounds so yummy! I'll be checking out your recipes soon.

  8. Mandi, I actually started writing a post on unruly comboxes, so I enjoyed the ridiculousness even more. I think it reads like a satire piece! And really--dresses v. pants? Please. The world has so much more going on!


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