Friday, September 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 25)

1.  We tried a new grocery store this week because I saw in their ad that they had buy 2, get 3 free Breyers ice cream.  Yes, you read that right, buy 2 get 3 free.  So we came home with 5 cartons of ice cream to add to the two that we already had in the freezer.  We love ice cream and I just couldn’t resist a good deal.  So our freezer has become an ice cream buffet!

2.  My husband may have a postdoc position for next year!  A few days ago, he met with a professor about working with him after graduation and he seemed very interested.  Of course, we won’t know anything for sure for a while, but it’s reassuring that he’s been able to find a possible position this early.  And although we’d love to move back to Colorado, my next choice would be to stay here so we don’t have to move again next year.

3.  We leave in less than a week to fly home to Colorado!  My mom is throwing me a baby shower and we are going to have several days to visit with friends and family! 

4.  Speaking of the baby shower, of the 20 or so people invited only five called my mom by the RSVP date on the invitation.  I can’t believe it, I would never just not respond.  I know I probably shouldn’t take it personally, but it hurts that our friends and family couldn’t even take the time to call.  Should we just assume they aren’t coming?

5.  Nothing tugs at a pregnant woman’s heartstrings more than washing little baby clothes and hanging them to dry.  I’ve been washing so much baby clothes this week that our hamper filled up and my husband was on his last pair of socks.  Folding those little clothes and placing them in the drawers, I tried to imagine putting them on my little one, but it still seems so unreal.  I am obviously very pregnant by this point, yet sometimes I can’t fathom that there will really be a baby at the end of this.   I think I’ll need to hold my baby in my arms before I truly believe it.

Your Labor Of Love
6.  I got a new book today through Paperback Swap, Your Labor Of Love: A Spiritual Companion for Expectant Mothers It was suggested to me by Liana of Working to be Worthy.  I have high expectations for this book, especially since I think it’s the only book of its kind writing specifically for Catholics.  I’ll let you know what I think of it when I finish. 

7.  I appreciate all the kind and supportive comments I’ve received on the On Marrying Young series I recently started.  I’ve had a few lovely ladies show interest in writing guest posts for it, so be sure to check back in the near future.

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  1. Mandi, I read/prayed with "Your Labor of Love" with my first little guy. It was excellent. It was just what I needed to prepare my heart for the task and vocation at hand. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! God bless!

  2. Just finished the first draft of "On Marrying Young: The Age Gap"! Should have it to you by the end of this week or sometime this weekend. :)

  3. This is the book I read/prayed while pregnant:
    It was good, if a little repetitive.
    Also, Breyer's ice cream is my faaaaavorite. I would have no problem buying 5 cartons!!!!


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