Saturday, September 24, 2011

30 Weeks

At 30 weeks, my pregnancy is approximately 3/4ths over.  What a bittersweet time.  On one hand, I am getting ever more anxious to meet my little one and to hold him or her in my arms.  On the other hand, I've loved being pregnant, loved holding and caring for my baby in the most intimate way as he or she grows within me. 

This past week, the baby has been moving more than ever.  It's such a strange feeling; I didn't expect that some of the kicks and movements could be so painful and uncomfortable.  But I don't really mind the short-lived discomfort because it reminds me that baby is alive and healthy.

This week we've also been making great strides toward preparing a space in our home for the baby.  Just today, we hung decorations in the baby's room and the daddy-to-be put together our travel system.  Although there are still some essential items we need to get over the next two months, we have all the things we need to be able to bring baby home: clothes, diapers, and a carseat. 

I still can't comprehend that we'll have a baby here in our home and in our lives in just a few short months.  Nor can I truly understand how much the baby will change our lives.  But I do know this: we are filled with joy to find out! 


  1. I'm so so so excited for you and your baby!

  2. I remember how excited I was to get all the washing, prepping, and assembling started! :-)

    So close!! It will be here before you know it


  3. Hi Mandi!

    Congrats on the soon-to-be motherhood! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I left a response there, but thought you'd probably see this one first. I believe the type of frame is called a "float frame" but I'm not totally positive. I know you can find them at Michaels, but you can probably find them at any frame/craft store. They're fun! I've done a couple projects with them now. :) You could probably make super cute baby things!!


    Shannon @

  4. You TOTALLY should! And then post a picture! :)

  5. You look so adorable! Can't wait to share in your joy when baby is here! :)


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