Monday, December 19, 2011

My Two Week Old

From the moment she was born, I've had some serious anxiety about my baby girl growing up. I loved her in that very first moment after birth, when my husband placed her on my tummy. She was small and delicate and so very, very beautiful. Today she is two weeks old and already, she is so big! I can't believe how quickly babies grow. Now I understand why so many people told me while I was pregnant to enjoy every minute with my baby. That's exactly what I intend to do.

Lucia is such a sweet baby. She loves to be hugged and cuddled. She also loves to be swaddled. My favorite moments with her are our quiet times, especially when I'm breastfeeding her. She gets this sweet little smile right after she's done nursing, as she drifts off into a milk-induced coma. I also enjoy dancing with her - today we danced around the living room to Christmas music and she stared up at me with her mouth wide open.

So far, she hasn't liked her swing or bouncer, and while she'll sleep for a while in her Rock 'n' Play, she'd much prefer to sleep on the couch, in mama's arms, or on daddy's chest. She sleeps in our bed with us at night.

Lulu loves staring out the window, or better yet, going on walks. Although we've gone on several outings in the last week, I don't think she's noticed because she's fallen asleep as soon as we've put her in the car seat and has barely woken while we've been out. We've gone to Mass three times since she was born and she's slept through it entirely each time (which I'm a little surprised about since she was kicking and dancing in my belly all Mass long when I was pregnant).

I don't want my baby to grow up, but since she must, I can't wait to see what she'll do next. And I'm taking tons of pictures and video so I can always look back and remember my sweet baby newborn.

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  1. She is SO CUTE! How awesome that you've been able to focus on mass even with a baby!

  2. Congratulations! She is so precious. And yes, they grow quickly, and you get a lot of awful "just wait until...!" comments, but every age will be just as perfect as this one, in a different way. Treasure them all!

  3. She is so precious! I love seeing how much she has changed already!

  4. She is so cute! Can't wait for all the updates on how she changes!

  5. Enjoy that gorgeous little sweetie and treasure these sweet milky days but I promise you in a week, a month, a year, 15 years, you'll still be treasuring her and won't be wishing she was small. I have six and I was afraid I'd be longing for the babyhood once it passed but I have LOVED every age and I'm even loving the teen years ( though the fact that we still have a tot in nappies has probably softened the blow!)


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