Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 43)

--- 1 ---

Last Saturday, Kendra of The Nerdy Wife and Stacy of Catholic and Crunchy came over to hang out with me and Lucia.  I have to say, moments like that make me realize what a blessing the internet can be.  Not only did I meet my husband online, I also made two great new friends in my new city.  This was the first time I met Stacy, but Kendra and I have been meeting up about once every week or two for months now and I truly consider her one of my closest friends.  I wish we had taken a picture of our #cathsorority meet-up (I even took my camera out beforehand, but completely forgot while we were in the depths of good conversation!), but I promise I will next time.

--- 2 ---

Speaking of #cathsorority, I think this is the first time I’ve mentioned it on my blog.  Kendra explains it so eloquently on her blog that I’ll just direct you to her explanation, What is #Cathsorority?  To give you the quick version, it’s a group of Catholic women who have created a community of support over the internet through Twitter, Facebook, and our personal blogs.  After having recently read The Church and New Media, I can’t help but feel that we are a small part of the movement to put positive models of Catholicism on the internet.

--- 3 ---

Yesterday, over at the National Catholic Register Simcha Fisher wrote “To the Mother With Only One Child”.  Being a mother with only one child, who often struggles to just take care of the one and wonders how I will ever be able to do this with more children, I found it to be very comforting and refreshing.  It’s been all over the internet, so chances are you’ve already seen it, but if you haven’t, go read it.  Please.  It’s wonderful!

--- 4 ---

I wrote a guest post yesterday at The Alluring World about growing up in a mixed-faith family.  I’ve mentioned on my blog before about my father not being Catholic and my grandfather just recently converting (my husband and I are his godparents, how cool is that!).  However, I haven’t gone into much detail about how their difference of faith affected me, mainly because I didn’t really think about its impact on me until Kayla asked me to write a guest post.  And boy am I glad she asked, because writing this piece put into perspective many things that I had taken for granted about my upbringing and made me contemplate how I want to raise my children. 

--- 5 ---

In last week’s Quick Takes, I included a video about Mark Wahlberg discussing his Catholic faith.  I guess that’s starting to become a tradition because I came across another great interview of his again this week. 

--- 6 ---

Last week, I put up a new post in my “Baby on a Budget”series entitled “What You Really Need”.  I included a link-up for other moms to link to their own blog posts about baby necessities, unnecessary baby items, or other such lists.  If you have a post like that (or want to write one now), be sure to link up.  I found it really helpful to read through lists like this on other mom’s blogs while I was pregnant to figure out which items fit my needs and parenting style and thought it would be helpful to have one place that lists a bunch.  If you are pregnant, go check them out (there are already some great ones linked), and if you aren’t pregnant yet, bookmark it for the future. 

--- 7 ---

Yesterday, Lucia suddenly stopped crying while sitting in her bouncer on my bed.  I assumed she had fallen asleep, but when I turned around to look, there she was, wide eyed and staring at the crucifix.  She proceeded to do so for about five minutes until she fell asleep.  It was beautiful, just beautiful. 

And while it doesn’t have anything to do with this post, here is the token cute baby picture of the week:

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  1. Visiting from quick takes - your daughter is absolutely adorable!

  2. I completely forgot to comment about your grandfather's conversion on your guest post -- too awesome! And REALLY amazing that you and your husband are the godparents!
    I loved, loved, LOVED Simcha's post. It was really something that I needed to read.
    Beautiful story about Lucia! Babies seem to have a sense about loving Jesus!

  3. Oh thanks for the kind words...I love having a couple of close friends here! That's the great part of meeting friends through blogging...we already knew we had so much in common before we ever met up!

    Lucia is such a good baby...I love to see the pictures of her, but I love even more when we visit! She's just awesome. I can't wait until we have pictures of our babies together!!!

  4. Love that picture but I am kinda biased because purple is my favorite color :) I love the #CathSorority I hope one day we will all be able to meet.

    Your guest post was really good. It's interesting to see how other catholics are raised.

  5. The thing about Lucia and the crucifix gives me goosebumps!!!

    I kept thinking we needed a picture too, and also completely forgot once I got there lol. Definitely next time!

  6. I love the story about the crucifix.

  7. #1Yay for Cathsorority meet ups! :)

    #3- I am not a mom, as you know, but that goodness! Fantastic!

    #5- Great minds think alike. :)

    #7- What an awesome story. Definitely on her way to Sainthood.

  8. Mandi, your post very quickly become the #1 post on my blog! Congrats! Also, it's awesome that you and your husband are your grandfather's godparents.

  9. Super cute photo of baby Lucia!

    Thanks again for giving me the link to that article!


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