Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Wedding Cake

Like any other girl, I started imagining what my wedding cake would look like long before there was even a groom!  By the time I got engaged I had a million different wedding cake ideas floating through my mind, but I ultimately decided to go with a simple cake and traditional bride and groom cake topper.  The only detail I just had to have were those little dots all over the cake.  For some reason, I think they are just so cute and classy.

I bought this Precious Moments figurine about six months before David proposed.  A local store was going out of business and it was discounted to a price I just couldn’t resist.  I bought it without any particular purpose in mind, although I did have some friends that were getting married later that year and thought it might make a nice shower or wedding gift.  When I showed my mom, she instantly loved it and insisted that I save it to use at the cake topper for my own wedding cake.  At that time, we knew that David would be proposing soon (he had already asked for my great grandmother’s ring which would become my engagement ring), so I put it away in my hope chest with anticipation that I might have the chance to use it soon.

David and I later received a Precious Moments engagement figurine from a dear family friend as an engagement gift.  For our first Christmas as a marriage couple, my parents got us the Disney bride and groom figurine (we went to Disney World on our honeymoon and wore bride and groom Minnie and Mickey ears leaving our reception).  These, along with our cake topper, have started a Precious Moments collection which we will continue to add to as we experience other notable occasions as a couple.  I plan to ask for a christening figurine to commemorate Lucia’s baptism for my birthday next month.

This cake cutter set was an bridal shower gift and was a sweet touch for our wedding.  It was engraved with not only our names and wedding date, but also one of our engagement pictures.

When we got married, I ate a vegan diet and it was very important to me that I be able to eat my own wedding cake at our reception.  It took us quite a while to find a baker that had a vegan recipe, but we finally did!  We only had the top layer made without dairy products, so instead of cutting the bottom layer of the cake as everyone watch, we cut the top layer.  It was difficult and frustrating as we struggled while everyone looked on, but it probably took much less time than it seemed like in the moment.

A bride and groom feeding one another a piece of wedding cake signifies their commitment to provide and care for one another.  It was a very sweet moment for us and we did it lovingly (no smashing cake in each others' face!).  Unfortunately, that little bite was all I got of our wedding cake.  After we cut the cake, we mingled with guests and by the time I went back for a piece, all the vegan slices were gone.  Maybe someday if we move back near my hometown, we’ll have the baker make a miniature version of the cake so I can enjoy it.  Although to be perfectly honest, I don’t remember what all the flavors and fillings were.

A family friend offered to help with the wedding, and since she makes beautiful cakes, we asked to make a Cubs cake as a surprise groom’s cake for my husband.  He didn’t know about it until his cousin (a fellow Cubs fan) came up to him at the reception to tell him how much he loved the Cubs cake.  My husband lived out of state when we were planning the wedding, so he left most of the planning to me.  I was very excited to be able to include a personalized touch just for him.  

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  1. Who did your cake? I'm a wedding planner, so I think I know all the bakeries around here. Your cake actually looks really similar to ours! Only ours had green ribbon and NO topper because I could never, ever find one that I liked. I wanted a big D on it, but that was actually before they were trendy, and I couldn't track one down. So we had a plain cake without a topper!

  2. I love the idea of collecting the precious moments figurines! Our topper is Willow Tree which has tons of stuff so we may just have to borrow your tradition! I already have one besides our topper that I recieveda  few years ago as gift.... it's a woman holding a cat (like you expected any less)! Your cake was very pretty and one day you totally have to get the top layer recreated for an anniversary or something so you can enjoy it.

  3. Oh my gosh! Your wedding cake looks so cute! The figurines on the top of the wedding cakes look so adorable. You guys look great together. I wish you guys many years of marriage, and a lifetime of happiness. Good luck!


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