Thursday, April 3, 2014

50 Easter Basket Ideas for Two Year Olds

Last year, I wrote a post with 50 Easter basket ideas for one-year-olds.  Lucia is now two and while most of the ideas from last year would still work for her, I thought it would be fun to come up with 50 completely different ideas for her age group.  (And then I need to get shopping because I only have a few items so far!)  If these aren't enough for you, check out last year's post too!
1. summer pajamas
3. play food (felt, wooden, plastic)
4. flashcards (numbers, letters, animals, etc.)
5. dancing ribbon rings (DIY here)
6. Little People (I love these superheroes) or other figurines
8. toddler-sized apron
9. cookie cutters, measuring cups, mixing bowls
10. cookie/muffin/brownie mix to make with mom and dad
11. summer pajamas
12. rain boots or sandals
13. underwear for the newly/soon-to-be potty trained
14. beach towel
15. sun hat
16. swimsuit
17. bug catching kit (dollar store has had these in the past)
18. fun band-aids
20. CD of kid's music (I'm loving Elizabeth Mitchell right now)
21. large animal or dinosaur toys
25. package of seeds
26. small plant
27. slide whistle or other musical instruments
29. travel sized magna doodle/etch a sketch/white board
30. lamb and chick Weebles
31. felt story board set

ideas for filling plastic eggs:
32. buttons
33. temporary tattoos
35. large beads (put string in the Easter basket)
36. nuts
37. chocolate chips*
38. small animals, dinosaurs or bugs
39. bean bags/hacky sacks
40. small bracelets/necklaces
 41. mini hair clip or bobby pins

religious ideas: 
43. Saint statue
44. crucifix
45. an Easter lily
46. medals or cross necklace

food ideas:
47. granola/snack bars
48. fruit snacks (recipe to make your own)
49. popcorn
50. chocolate coins*

*Due to child slavery in the chocolate industry, please buy chocolate from ethical sources.  To learn more, visit Slave Free Chocolate.  You can find ethical options by clicking on the "SFC Directory".

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