Wednesday, June 18, 2014

To the Mom of Five Children (Close in Age)

Hey, you! Yeah, you - the mother of five young children close in age.  I see families like yours everywhere.  In the pews before us at Mass.  At the grocery store.  In the park.  I always try to meet your eyes, but when you see me looking, you usually look away.  I can’t be sure why, but I imagine that it’s because you’ve seen one too many disapproving looks.

Your large family is counter-cultural.  You make people uncomfortable because you embrace the very things that society teaches us to fear: children.  Life.  People wonder if you’re crazy.  Or you’re Catholic.  Or if you own a television.  I don’t.  Your children are beautiful blessings.  It seems perfectly sane that you would welcome more of them. 

Let me tell exactly what I see when I see your family...continue reading at A Knotted Life

My friend, Bonnie, has been taking a bit of a blogging break while moving and has had a ton of guests posts in the interim.  I strongly suggest you poke through the posts over the last few weeks because there are several really great pieces.  I also love the posts Bonnie has written about pregnancy loss.  Oh, and if you don't already know about her son's (alleged) miracle through the intercession of Venerable Fulton Sheen, you can get caught up here or read the (very) recent exciting news about the case here.

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