Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding Vows Dissected: Honor Each Other

Amanda, blogger at Worthy of Agape, is currently on her honeymoon (commence that lovey dovey sigh) and got a great group of bloggers  together to write a series based on wedding vows.  You can find me over there today discussing "honor each other":
Do you honor your spouse? I assume that the verb “to honor” is not one you use in daily conversation. Perhaps you’ve never even used that phrase outside your wedding vows. You’re much more likely to say, “I love my husband,” or “I respect my wife”. One of the Ten Commandments tells us to “Honor your father and mother.” Clearly to honor is something special, something set apart and reserved for those sacred relationships that hold the most importance in our lives, our society, and our faith. So what does it mean to honor someone?...continue reading at Worthy of Agape

And while we're talking honeymoons, I wrote about my own a while back.  I can't believe that was almost four years ago!

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