Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lenten Surprise

I haven’t blogged in a while and although I’ve missed it, I haven’t really wanted to write because I’m quite enjoying the solemnity of Lent.  Much has happened since Lent started that I would like to write about, including my 24th birthday and a trip to our soon-to-be new home, Raleigh.  But these topics will have to wait until a later date because there is another, more important reason that I am breaking my Lenten silence: I’m expecting! 

I took a pregnancy test yesterday after I got home from work.  I took it not because I suspected I was pregnant, but because it was about as soon as I could find out if I indeed was.  I sat staring at the two little pink lines, imagining grandiose ways of telling my husband (including a cake that said “Congratulations Daddy”) before I promptly picked up the phone, called him at his office and blurted out the news.  We are, of course, elated but we decided we are going to wait a few months before telling our friends and family.  It’s nice to have our “little secret” that we can privately cherish until it becomes a little more obvious.  I will admit though that with a trip to visit family next week, I will have a hard time not blurting it out!  That’s where this post comes in, at least I get the chance to tell someone, it’s so hard to contain the joy of a new life inside of me!

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