Friday, March 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 11)

After a many week absence, I've finally found the time to do a "7 Quick Takes Friday"!

1.  I’m anxious to see “Of Gods and Men” now that it’s being released to more theatres across the county and I’ve been coming across it more often on the internet.  I’ll be in Colorado next week, and hope my best friend will be game to see it with me, since it’s already playing in Boulder.  Otherwise, I’ll have to wait until April 8 to see it in Indianapolis.

2.  I was very surprised to learn today that I’m 4½ weeks pregnant instead of 2½ weeks like I'd thought. I assumed pregnancy was dated starting at conception (and since we use NFP, I can pin conception down exactly), but it seems that at conception I was already two weeks pregnant. I guess that betrays just how naïve I am about pregnancy and babies - I’ve got a lot to learn!  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but hey, I don’t really care how my pregnancy is dated, as long as I have a basic idea of when the due date is (Nov. 27th according to online “due date calculators”) and how developed my little baby bean is.

3.  My husband and I are not ready to tell our families that we are pregnant for two reasons: (1) If we suffer a miscarriage, we don’t want to suffer it publicly.  (Well, that and we'd like a little time before we start getting advice).  Yes, we our family would be loving and supportive, but if we tell our family, I KNOW they would just “have to tell” extended family, friends, the woman at the grocery store, etc., etc., etc.  You know how it goes.  And (2) We are wimps.  Both of our parents were not too happy about us getting married before David was out of school because they were afraid of us “accidentally” getting pregnant.  It would never even occur to them that we would purposely get pregnant, because babies shouldn’t come until after he graduates, gets a job, I start a teaching career, we buy a house, etc., etc., etc.  Of course, they’ll be excited about a grandchild, but not until they’ve let us know that they don’t approve of the timing (I still have a hard time handling my parents’ “we’re disappointed in you” look!).

4.  I already warned my mom when we visited in December that we were trying to get pregnant because I knew she would assume it was an accident when we told her we were pregnant.  She has been trying to convince me since we got engaged that there is nothing wrong with birth control and that NFP doesn’t work (“Just look at all the large families at Mass!”).  I know she would assume it was an accident even if we told her we’d been trying, because she’d think I just said that because I wouldn’t want to admit that I was wrong and that NFP didn’t work.  She was NOT happy when I told her our plans, but I do hope that helped her prepare for our announcement, because she knows that I’m strong-willed and I always get what I want once I make up my mind.  And to be honest, she won’t be as upset about me being pregnant as she’ll be about me being pregnant while living far away.  She has made it known to me many times that she will be very angry with me if she is not living near her grandbabies.

5.  Enough about pregnancy.  I really don’t want my blog to be all about pregnancy and the baby.  Although, I’m sure that it will pop up quite a bit because, let’s face it, we all write about what we know, and that’s my reality right now.  I’ve had another post about my word of the year, obedience, sitting around, half finished, for about two months now, but lets just say obedience isn’t my strong suit (hence why I picked it) so I’ve been avoiding thinking about it.

6.  When we visited Raleigh last week, we toured apartment building after apartment building.  I’ve never had to apartment hunt before (I lived in a duplex my parents owned during college and my husband picked out our apartment before we got married).  I feel like I’m growing up finally - choosing apartments and having babies and all!

7.  My husband is staying home next week to work on his preliminary exam while I head to Colorado.  It will be the first time we’ve been apart since we’ve been married and it’s almost an entire week!  I don’t know how I’m going to fall asleep without cuddling with him!  

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  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog for a while now- what a good idea to seek the friendship of other Catholic women through a blog as you begin your new vocation. Congratulations on your new pregnancy! I'm a relatively new wife and am expecting now, too, so maybe we can keep one another in our prayers.
    God bless you!

  2. Kari, thanks so much for your comment! It's nice to know that there is someone else out there in a similar situation in life as I am! I definitely will keep you in my prayers.


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