Friday, June 10, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 15)

1.  It makes for a very happy Friday for me when I get the chance to write my "7 Quick Takes", although I will admit that recently I've felt that they've been a little shallow lately and I've been having to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find enough tidbits in my fairly boring life to write about.

2.  I think people expect that my life should be very exciting since (a) I'm a newlywed, (b) I'm moving several states away in six, no make that five, weeks and (c) I'm expecting my first baby.  Well, my husband and I are homebodies and we really enjoy it (I'm not complaining!), but sitting around listening to him play the guitar and our daily ritual of playing cards, while enjoyable to us, doesn't make the most interesting blog fodder.  We are still weeks away from the move and it's too early to do much packing (what could have been done early has already been done) and I can't do much to prepare for the baby except read baby books and take care of myself until after the move.  I definitely don't want to move anything that I can wait to buy until we are there.  

3.  I am so bored sitting around all day now that the school year (and thus my job) is over.  We had company over for dinner this past weekend and so we cleaned our house until it looks just about perfect, and there hasn't been much but laundry to keep up with since.  I need a hobby!  

4.  I actually do have an exciting week coming up: a week in Chicago with my husband's aunt, uncle, cousin and her kids!  On the agenda: visiting with a few friends from high school, going to a Cubs game with my husband's old roommate and his fiancee, a trip to the Jelly Belly factory, a four-year-old's dance recital, soccer games, and a trip downtown to the aquarium and Sears tower.  

5.  My parents are taking their vacation time to help us move.  They did the same things last year when they helped me move here after the wedding.  And they are planning to do the same next year after my husband graduates.  Aren't they the best?  I hate moving and can't imagine giving up my vacation three years in a row to help someone else do it (although I'm sure I would do it for my kids some day too!).  I know they dread it, but they've never complained and I never even asked them for the help (nor did they ask me - it was assumed that it was their parental duty).  

6.  My mom went in for a bone density scan a few days ago and got a call yesterday saying she has osteoporosis - and she's only 50!  She doesn't see the doctor to discuss the diagnosis and treatment until next Thursday, so I don't have much to go on right now, but it's very upsetting.  And it makes me angry, because my father, brother, and I have been trying to get my mom to exercise for years.  Exercise, especially weight training helps prevent osteoporosis.  When my mom told me over the phone, she said "Just my luck!"  No, mom, it's not just luck.  She knew there was a family history of low bone density and she still didn't do anything about it.  I have to stop myself from being angry with her because she can't do anything about it now and I know she is upset and scared.  Prayers for her would be appreciated!

7.  I'm only 15 weeks pregnant and I am already unable to sleep because I am always so uncomfortable! This is going to be a long sleepless pregnancy for both the husband and I if something doesn't change soon.  

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