Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Name Game

My husband and I have been agonizing over picking a girl's name for our little one.  So much so, that I've been tempted to find out the sex so that if we are having a boy, we don't have to worry about it anymore.  Our boy's name was easy (David after my husband).  But I think we'll be able to keep the sex a surprise after all since (I think) we've finally decided on a name: Lucia.

Is It a Saint's Name?
Of course, right after we agreed on a name, I found the book that would have been infinitely helpful in choosing a name: Is It a Saint's Name?  My husband and I had planned to give our child a biblical or Saint name, however, it was very discouraging trying to find an (easy to use) list of names.  I thought I scoured the internet for a book of this sort, I was convinced that there had to be one out there, but apparently I missed it.  There are websites that helped, but it was daunting trying to scroll through and read the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of names that were listed.  I also tried my copy of the Treasury of Women Saints, but it only lists a small number of female saints.  I'm really tempted to buy this book right now and save it for future children (Why not?  It's only $4), because I'm sure that it won't be any easier next time around.


  1. David and Lucia, what great names! Would you call your daughter Lucy? Either way it's such a pretty name:)

  2. I think we would probably call her Lulu, but we probably would just wait to see what comes naturally once she's born (if it is a she).


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