Thursday, June 9, 2011

My greatest fear

My greatest fear as a parent is that my child with not grow up to love and honor God.  No, that's not politically correct to say.  I'm supposed to wish my child happiness above all else.  Or physical safety.  Or the freedom to be "who he/she is".  But those concerns are far secondary to that of my child's soul.  If you are a Christian and truly believe in all that Christ taught, then you must believe that there is a hell and the scariest thing for your child is that he/she end up there.  I know it's perhaps a bit early to worry about it.  It will still be months before the baby even leaves my womb, however I can't help but fear for his/her soul.

How could I not?  We live in a culture that stresses anti-Christian messages in a multitude of ways.  As my child's mother, I have the ability (and responsibility) to teach him/her the faith, but how can I compete with all the adverse messages my child will receive?  Yes, many wonderful Catholic parents are able to raise wonderful Catholic children that carry the faith throughout their lives, but I've seen just as many loving, faithful parents whose children reject the face and live a life far different from what they have been raised in.  How do I keep from letting this fear eat me alive?

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