Thursday, March 22, 2012

Can't be Crunchy without a Plant

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I’ve been making gradual baby steps over the past year toward becoming more healthy and environmentally conscious (“crunchy”, if you will).  I’ve started making some of my own home cleaners, my own body products, and buying more organic foods.  I feel like it’s time to take it to the next step… growing some of my own food.  Almost every serious “crunchy” bloggers I’ve come across grows at least a few of their own vegetables or herbs.  We live in an apartment, so a garden is out of the picture, but I did make a goal to grow at least one plant this year, perhaps a cherry tomato plant or an herb we regularly cook with.  I know, it seems as though one plant isn’t much of a goal, but it really is a huge feat for me.

My mom has what we call a “brown thumb”.  She can’t keep any plant alive.  In fact, one of my close friends brought my parents a cactus as a “congratulations grandparents” gift when Lucia was born.  Lucia’s only 3 months old, but her cactus is already dead.  Seriously, who kills a cactus?  (It’s worth mentioning that my mom didn’t even realize it was a cactus and over watered it.)  So I never really had plants around growing up and I’m terrified that I’ve inherited her brown thumb.  And I’ve been putting off getting that plant I promised myself I would get.  

EnG Product Shot.png

I was recently offered the opportunity to receive a sample of Expand ‘n Gro™ Concentrated Planting Mix.  Combine that with the fact that it's spring and stores are just filled with plants and gardening products, I no longer have any excuses not to get that plant, especially since Expand ‘n Gro™ planting mix should make it so much easier to grow plants even I could do it.  According to it's label, some of its benefits include all natural fibers which can hold up to 50 percent more water than the basic potting soil (it won't be as fatal if I forget to water the poor thing once in a while) and the fact that it feeds plants for up to 6 months (I won’t have to change/add potting soil more than twice a year!).  I also like that it can be used in pots or in the ground, so once David and I do get a house and have a spot for a garden, I won't have to worry about buying different planting soil for my pots and my garden (the simpler the better for a beginner like me).  Even more exciting, it grows up to three times the amount of flowers and vegetables than a plant in native soil, so maybe my one little plant will grow enough to actually cook with!  With results like that, my mom might even be able to keep a plant alive with the help of Expand ‘n Gro™. Advertisement

Do you garden?   What are you growing in your garden this year? What do you think would be a good "starter plant" for me to get?

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