Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Blog Jesus Award

Waaaaay back in November, Tricia of Peace Love Religion (formerly Saintbound Sinner) awarded me the "I blog Jesus" award. (I swear she did, the post just didn't make the move over to her new blog!)  I am really honored because that's exactly what I started this blog for, to bring Christ to the internet in my own little way (in the vein of The Church and New Media).  I don't overtly mention my faith in every post I write, but I hope that His light is still shining through when I talk about my baby girl (talk about a blessing from God!) or my marriage (a sacrament) or housekeeping (how I live out my vocation in the day to day).  I feel so humbled though, because I don't think that my blog is nearly as worthy as many of the amazing Catholic/Christian bloggers I follow.  Here are just a few of those I think are deserving of this award:

Letters from Momma - Kaylene is a young Catholic woman and mother.  While her blog focuses mainly on her little girl and life as momma, she weaves her Catholic faith into her blog posts effortlessly.  This is as it should be, faith as a part of our life and our life as a part of faith.

NFP and Me - Katie is a medical student, a wife, and mama to an adorable dog, Jack.  She blogs about all these things in addition to her belief that fertility is a gift from God, not a disease.  She also made some pretty amazing NFP buttons to help spread the word about Natural Family Planning (and through it, the dignity of women) across the internet.

Wonderful World of Weez - During Lent, Louise is writing 40 Things I Love about Catholicism.  Can't blog Jesus any better than that!


  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much! You're too kind! :)

  2. Thank you, Mandi! This is very sweet and lovely and unexpected!

  3. Yes! Yes I did award you with this much deserved award! I think I decided not to move the post over to my new blog because technically "Peace Love Religion" didn't receive the award and so I wasn't sure it would be appropriate to include over there. But I don't know? Maybe I should have? Either way, I can verify that I most definitely passed this award onto you and your Jesus loving blog. :)

  4. Thanks Mandi! I appreciate you acknowledging that while my blog is very 'momma' oriented, my life as a momma is Jesus oriented :-)


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