Friday, August 9, 2013

TGIF: Lilla Rose Grand Opening Party + GIVEAWAY (3 winners!)

I'm so excited to share my new Lilla Rose business with you, dear readers!  I originally was introduced to Lilla Rose by a fellow blogger who wanted to advertise her Lilla Rose business on my blog.  In addition to advertising, she asked if I would do a review and giveaway of Lilla Rose products.  I did and I absolutely loved them!  Which is actually a bit crazy since I (used to) rarely do anything with my hair.  

the Flexi
Now that I have my Lilla Rose Flexis and headband, I never leave without my hair done.  It's not just that they are pretty that sold me, it's that they are super comfortable, stay in my hair all day, and are really quick and easy to use.  In fact, I have a Flexi either in my hair or in my purse (for those hair emergencies!) at all times.  You can literally throw your hair up in a Flexi, throw in a headband, put it up with the You-Pins or bobby pins in a few minutes or less and you look put together. I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes in my day to have my hair up and looking nice, especially now that I'm staying home full time with Lucia.  It really changes the mood.

a little punky but I love these!
Oh, and if you have little girls, these totally work for them too.  Lucia and I share several Lilla Rose items.  My headbands adjust small enough for her.  The mini Flexis work for her pony tail and a half-up for me.  (I'm sure you can figure out how bobby pins work for both children and adults.)

I actually made a YouTube video recently to show you one of my favorite super, super quick styles with my headband.  It literally takes ONE minute and depending on the headband can be casual or a bit more fancy (I wore it this way to a wedding).  Oh, and don't mind the terrible lighting.  I had to close the bathroom door to keep out a certain noisy toddler.  I'm planning to make David rerecord this in some better lighting.  Someday.

Anyway, I had been thinking about becoming a Lilla Rose independent consultant for a while but it took a catastrophe to get me there.  And by catastrophe, I mean losing my headband.  This headband.  I loved it.  Since I had to buy a new one, I figured I might as well just sign up as a consultant so I could get discounts on all my future Lilla Rose purchases (because I'm hooked).  And then I decided, well, why don't I sell these?  I mean, really sell these.  I love these products.  They are so pretty and functional and what's better use of my time than sharing products I'm passionate about? 

So I could go on and on about each Lilla Rose product and tell you why each one is amazing, etc. etc. etc.  BUT instead I'm giving you the chance to win one and find out yourself.  Three readers will win one Lilla Rose hair accessory of their choosing (up to $16 value).  

And if you don't win or you do win and you want more, you can join my Grand Opening Party.  Find out more details on Facebook here or go straight to the party page to order here.  If you are a NEW Lilla Rose customer (never ordered from any consultant before), you can get a FREE item of your choice (up to $16 value) when you order any three items.  The party ends August 18.  If you need any help ordering, have questions about the products or sizing, or are interested in becoming a consultant yourself, feel free to email me at 

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Contest end 8/14.  
U.S. entrants only, please.  
Good luck!

three winners one Lilla Rose item each (valued up to $16)


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