Monday, August 26, 2013

The Shortest Month of the Year February.  But for my family, August always seems like the shortest month of the year.  School begins again, and this year that means Lucia and I had to say goodbye to time with David as he started his first teaching job.  In Colorado, we could always expect the first snow of the season in September, so August is the last month we can truly count on summer weather.  It's a bit different here in North Carolina and I'm hoping that summer days will be sticking around for a while.

Lucia and I got on the plane to officially move to NC on August first.  Since arriving, we've done so much to settle in to our new home, but there is still so much to do. I don't know why, but I kind of had it in my mind that we should be "all settled in" by the end of the month.  But August just few by (even faster than July, which was much of a whirlwind).  I'd love to start inviting friend over to dinner and such, but we're just not at that point

With the month almost over, I can't miss the opportunity to share my sponsors with you.

As you do  your back-to-school shopping, and in not too long start your holiday shopping won't you keep these small businesses in mind?  Need a new blog read?  There are a few GREAT choices below. 

Meet Barefoot with Teresa.
Children's books. Bilingual books.
Healthy living. Puzzles and gifts.
Hi, I am Teresa, a wife, mama, and Barefoot Books Ambassador, and I am thrilled to introduce you to the award-winning books and gifts that Barefoot has to offer. Whether it's books that focus on world cultures and bilingual emphasis, natural and healthy living, or animals in your neighborhood or on the farm, Barefoot Books has it all. Please check out My Marketplace and use coupon code TWENTY13 for 20% off your order!
Meet Christie.
Loyal Catholic. Fairy tale enthusiast. Aspiring writer.
Inexplicable obsession with Norway & spinning wheels.
 Pupil to G.K. Chesterton.
I am an ex-ex-pat living in Florida with my small family and hoping to one day return to Wales. Everything to Someone is a blog about motherhood, housewifery, homeschooling, writing, and being Catholic. It's eclectic like me, spanning topics from theology and philosopy to fashion and finding rhythm and beauty in the mundane. You'll probably detect my roots in Arthurian literature and love for books and reading.  Always with photos. Lots of photos. And lists. I like making lists.
blog | facebook | twitter | book 

Meet Diaperpedia.
Change is inevitable. It's the little things. 
Let Diaperpedia help you find them.  Happy baby.
Diaperpedia is an app available on iPhone and iPad for parents, nannies, grandparents, or any baby caregiver to help them find baby changing table locations.  It's free and you'll also get an entry into our monthly contest for $50, $25, and $25 every time you add a new changing table location to the map. Games are fun, but finding a changing table shouldn't be hide-and-go-seek.
appstore | twitter | facebook | website

Meet Blogging for Brett.
Orphan. CP. Needs a mama.
Adorable. So much promise.
Brett is an orphan in Eastern Europe who needs a mama. I started advocating for him through Reece's Rainbow in April 2012 because I couldn't believe that such an adorable little boy should face life in an orphanage and eventually a mental institution just because his legs don't wok.  I'm hoping through this blog that we can find Brett some parents and give him a brighter future in Canada or the USA.
facebook | Reece's Rainbow | blog

Meet The Hydrangea Hut.
Tutus. Boutique Bows.  T-shirts.
Onesies. Bowties. Custom orders.
This little shop is a way of bringing original designs to a wider audience, for a fair price. Custom orders are my favorite as they inspire me to stretch my imagination to create perfect outfits for your precious little one.
shop | pinterest | facebook

Meet INKtastic.
Personalized onesies. Personalized baby clothes. 
Family friendly apparel. Custom t-shirts.
INKtastic is a family-owned business that offers family friendly custom t-shirts and apparel with an emphasis on personalized baby clothing. With a motto of, "If we wouldn't buy it, we won't sell it!" you can rest assured you will be happy with your order along with a 30-day hassle free return policy. Select from a wide variety of high quality graphics, create your own personalized message, or upload your own images directly from your computer!  Top quality products, affordable pricing, one-of-a-kind custom printed apparel.
Get 10% through the end of the month with code "Aug2013".
shop | especially for baby | pinterest | facebook

Meet Sarah.
Wife to Dan. Mother to Emily & Erin. Daughter of God.
Lover of family, faith, food, and life.
 I'm Sarah, a young Catholic wife and mommy who loves to run, cook, bake, write, keep house (most of the time), and spend time outside.  I'm the lucky wife to a wonderful husband and mother of baby twin girls.  I strive to include my faith in all parts of my life, and I'm excited to share our journey as a newly made family of four - come join us!
blog | pinterest | facebook | twitter

Meet Buhbay.
Personalized art prints. Christian décor
Filling homes with the Word of God.
Current, fashionable designs. Witty & fun.
Hi, I'm Amanda, proud owner of Buhbay. I'm a full-time mom, and part-time graphic designer. At Buhbay, every one of my art prints is made with love and warm fuzzies. My art is inspired by my own two kids, and my passion about displaying the Word of God in our homes in a way kids will love, and you'll love too!

If you'd like to be part of the sponsor spotlight next month, 
check out the sponsorship options! I'd love to have you!
Use code "blessed" until the end of August to get 10% off any ad space. 

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