Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vote With Your Dollars: The Hydrangea Hut

Let's talk about something: money.  More specifically, what you do with it.  I can remember the very first time I heard the phrase "voting with dollars".  I had a high school social studies teacher who used that phrase maybe too much.  But it rung true with me and I still think of it every time I make a purchase.  You see, you make a much bigger impact on society with the money you spend than with the ballots you cast.  I still vote (you should too!) but each time I spend my money, I'm sending a much stronger message about what is important to me.  

Do you hold a strong position on a specific social issue?  Don't support companies that contribute to the opposing position.  

Disagree with the lifestyles of athletes in certain professional sports leagues?  And how much they get paid?  Probably should be thinking twice about going to a game, buying a jersey.  (You probably shouldn't watch either - those ratings are as good as money.) 

Serious about the environment? Buy from environmentally-friendly companies.

There are several things I'm passionate about that affect how I shop.  Environmentally-friendly.  Pro-life.  Non-toxic.  Small business. 

Now let me share a small business that I love supporting: The Hydrangea Hut.

Elizabeth has been an online friend of mine for a while now and we were recently blessed to be able to meet her and her family.  In addition to being super sweet, she's also incredibly talented and creative. 

She has channeled her creativity into The Hydrangea Hut, where she makes baby and child items ranging from bowties and hairbows to tutus and scarfs.  While she has items in her etsy shop, she specializes in custom orders and this is what makes her truly unique.  Does your child like a certain character or animal?  Elizabeth is able to take that love and make it into something special.  Take a look at this minion tutu!  Where else can you get a Despicable Me tutu?  Nowhere.  

Elizabeth offered to send me a bow for Lulu.  When I told her that she loves ladybugs and, in fact, is her papa's "Little Ladybug", she told me she had just the thing.  And this is what arrived in the mail:

Gorgeous, no?  And it (quite coincidentally) matches the ladybug dress Lulu got from her papa.  

Now let me tell you what the picture doesn't adequately show: the quality.  I've bought homemade bows before.  They are usually glued together.  I love me some hot glue and all, but any toddler parents knows that their little ones can destroy pretty much anything and hot glue just doesn't cut it.  This bow is sewn together, including that sweet little ladybug button.  Sewn on.  Already yanked and yanked and that bug isn't going anywhere.  I love this.  LOVE this.

And now what Lucia wants you to know: this is her favorite hair bow.  She always asks me to wear this.  She usually doesn't wear this with her ladybug dress.  She wears it with pajamas.  Or just a diaper and shoes.  Or that orange dress that totally clashes with it.  And you might just see a tantrum if I try to put a bow on her that matches.  So I guess Elizabeth is going to have to make us bows in every possible color.  Bummer, but I guess I will just have to get more darling bows.  (*wink, wink*)

Did I mention that the prices are really reasonable too?  

You can check out The Hydrangea Hut on facebook here, the etsy shop here, or request your custom item at  Get 10% off any order with code "messywife".

Enter below to win $5 to The Hydrangea Hut (that's the price of many of the bows).  Two quick entry options and you could be on your way to a cute little hairbow or bowtie (or any item you and Elizabeth can think up together).  US only please!

$5 to The Hydrangea Hut

I received a hair bow free to facilitate this review.  Opinions are 100% my own and 100% true.  I just love this bow, you know?


  1. I agree!! I refuse to Go eat at a local bar/restaurant ! The building's owner financed my friend's grandchild's Murder, by paying for the abortion her son's girlfriend had. I don't support business that I know use their money for such abominations!

  2. I love that last picture so much!!! Can't wait til I can shop from the Hydrangea Hut :).

    1. Aw, thanks Stacy! Maybe I'll have to buy you an item or two!

  3. I love the pink flower clip with crochet headband.


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