Monday, January 13, 2014


A Mama Collective

Thinking about: how blessed we are that David found a job in Raleigh.  If we had to move away from family, there is no place I'd rather be (and it seems many people agree).  When we moved here the first time, several of David's fellow grad students and their spouses moved down with us (and most of us ended up living in the same apartment complex, which was uber fun).  Most of them have since moved away, but we made other friends while here so after we moved back, we once again had a community of friends waiting for us.  Raleigh has a lot of other things to offer - jobs, great weather, beautiful scenery, etc, etc, etc, but it's truly the friends we have here that have made it a home for us.  We also have an incredible parish with a brand new church, vibrant apostolates, two wonderful priests, and a welcoming, inclusive attitude.  Yup, just thinking about how blessed we are. 

Reading: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, and Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.  The first is a re-read, the second is another fabulous book by my favorite author, the third a "I feel like I'm the only adult woman who hasn't read this" attempt to catch up.  I'm actually surprised that I am not currently reading more books, but I did just finish four this past week that I had been really dragging on.  Possibly time to start a few more, though Outliers is a library ebook loan that's due...maybe tomorrow?  And I'm only half done...

Listening to: "Come a Little Closer" by Cage The Elephant, "Pompeii" by Batille, and "Midnight City" by M83 on repeat.  You know when you love a song but then it's played and played and overplayed on the radio and you get tired of it?  Well, that's never happened to me.  If I truly love a song, I could listen to it on a loop and never tire of it.  These three are my loves right now.  Listen.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat. 

Watching: my phone waiting for a phone call from a friend saying she's in labor.  I'm attending her birth to care for her not quite two year old.  Her due date was yesterday.  I have to say, I think I'm way more anxious waiting for labor to start as a friend attending a birth than I was waiting for my own labor.  And remember, Lucia was 8 days late.

Thankful for: my husband.  That man is so, so selfless and hardworking it puts me to shame.  I read a little blurb yesterday about some research that said people named "Katie" and "David" make the best spouses.  I'm not sure how people find the money or time to research such things, but as the wife of a David, I definitely agree with the results.  Also note: my name isn't in the top ten "best wife names".  That is not an accident, folks.  

Also thankful for my sponsors this month.  And for my readers that will support these small businesses. *wink, wink*

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  1. Ha! I'm married to a David too and he is the best!

  2. Hi Mandi, thanks for linking up with us! I can so relate to thibkibg my husband puts me to shame in the area of selfless giving! Arn't we blessed. And speaking of blessings, what a gift of an inclusive, vibrant parish!
    Blessings on your week! ~Mary

  3. LOVE the book Outliers! Have you read any of gladwell's other books?

  4. Hey Mandi,

    I'm going to reiterate what Mary said and say thanks :) Loved reading a little snippet of what's going on with you. I still love that we both picked Lucia for our baby girls! And your daughter's middle name? I feel like those are the same too... Rose?

    Anyway, loved this post. Also, bummed that I'm not a Katie and my hubs isn't a David. What the heck?! ~Jenna


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