Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Five Favorites: Pregnancy Announcements

It's been a while since I've done a Five Favorites, but this post has been rotting away in drafts just waiting for a #5.  I've had the New Year cleaning bug (on the blog at least, don't peek at my house!) so the drafts are all getting dredged up and either finished and published or chucked out.

Most of us (women at least) like a good pregnancy announcement.  The always make me cry.  Sometimes happy tears.  Sometimes tears of jealousy and longing.  (If I'm going to be honest, that's 99% of what I feel right now.)  BUT, no matter the cause of the tears, I think every new baby should be celebrated and I'm a sucker for the witty, surprising, quirky, or sappy sweet announcements.  The more creative the better, you know?  Of course, because you're clicking over from a post entitled "Five Favorite Pregnancy Announcements", the surprise is a bit dead but, you know, try to imagine you weren't expecting it.  Pun intended.  Enjoy!






Update: I did not foresee this happening, but there has been a question as to whether I am announcing a pregnancy with this post.  Unfortunately, this is nothing more than me sharing my favorites.  I am not pregnant.  Although I had actually started this post back in September right after I found out I was pregnant and was planning to incorporate my own pregnancy announcement into it.  After I miscarried, it just sat in the drafts and I decided just to finish the post out because I really do want to share these cute posts but don't feel comfortable "recycling" this means to announce a future pregnancy.  Sorry!

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  1. I hate to ask the dumb question when this is such a creative way to announce, so I'm just going to assume I'm getting this right: CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Elizabeth, sorry for the confusion, but this really is nothing more than me sharing my favorite pregnancy announcement. I am not myself pregnant!

  3. These are such cute ideas for announcing a baby on the way! Thanks for sharing, Mandi. Hope you are doing well.

  4. I have to say I am partial to this list ;) And, you're a sweetheart and a wonderful momma!

  5. I love love loved Jenna's announcement too!!

    Thank you SO much for including me, Mandi!!


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