Friday, January 10, 2014

Running in Place, Setting Goals, and Birthing Babies #7QT

I'm going to be attending a friend's birth any day now.   I'll be going to watch her almost 2 year old son so he can be there for his brother's arrival.  I am super excited and so, so honored she asked.  I am definitely not doula or midwife material since I theoretically think birth is beautiful but literally...not so much.  But I love the idea of being involved in birth so going to watch big brother is the absolute best role I could ever play in that aspect.  That honestly sounds like an amazing career - "big sibling supporter".

Which isn't a bad idea for a job really; I could definitely see the need.  Back when I was pregnant in September, I started asking around to figure out someone to watch Lucia so she could attend the birth and there really weren't "people who do that".  We have some great friends here but at the time of the birth, they would all have had kids under the age of one or work.   

Monday was the Epiphany and I had every intention of leaving little treats for Lucia from La Befana.  But she threw up on both Saturday and Sunday morning so I thought it might be cruel to give her treats without the intention of actually letting her eat them.  Or at least that's what I told myself after I forgot to pick anything up for her when I went grocery shopping on Sunday.  

I guess I have to get myself together before she is old enough to remember these traditions and notice the lack thereof.  I'm guessing she's be pretty aware by three, so 11 months and counting?  Oh, and that's probably the time when I'm obligated to buy her birthday/Christmas presents.  I mean, the girl is spoiled by so many people that she doesn't need another gift but eventually she'll notice and think it's strange that her parents don't get her gifts, right?  So lots of shopping and getting on the ball awaits me this year. How to parents of large families manage this - birthday presents for all AND Christmas presents for all AND remembering to pick things up for various celebrations throughout the year? 

We are getting a treadmill today!  While staying at my in-laws over New Year's, we used their treadmill and thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to have one?"  So when we got home, we started checking Craig's List.  Only one little problem: It's just after New Year's.  Perfect timing.  Only I would decide to get a treadmill completely unrelated to New Year resolutions right at the new year when I have to compete with everyone who made New Year's resolutions.  So every time we emailed about a treadmill, we got "We have a list of people interested, we'll add you to the bottom if none of them end up getting it."  At which point, I thought, "Nevermind."  Because if a long line of people turned it down, I probably don't want it anyway.  But we finally got lucky and David happened to check CL the other night just after someone posted the treadmill and called right away and we're scheduled to pick it up tonight.  Here's to hoping it's not so heavy that I can't help him carrying in the townhouse and up the stairs.

Speaking of New Year's Resolutions, I haven't made any this year and I'm perfectly happy with that.  I will be focusing on my word of the year, but I think I would also like to make a few process-oriented goals after reading this post at Modern Mrs. Darcy.  I think focusing on the small steps will work much better for me than making results-focused goals because I often get lost in the details of how to execute.  So far, I'm thinking that one goal should involve the aforementioned treadmill and another will be reading a certain number of pages a day (something reasonable, like 20, and including all reading materials - fiction, non-fiction, magazines, etc.).  And I probably should aim for a certain number of glasses of water each day.

How do you approach resolutions/goal setting, etc.?  I think starting new goals at the beginning of the year is a bit arbitrary since real life runs more in seasons than calendar years, but it's when I tend to set my goals nonetheless, simply because that's when everyone is talking about it and, thus, when I'm thinking of it.

I'm thinking that goal-setting post I linked above is going to be a game-changer for me, similar to how this post from Quick Takes hostess, Jen, helped me gain a semblance of organization.  The whole genius of that post is catchall containers without lids.  When we moved into our new place, I bought several different size bins for our bathroom closet (which less like a closet and more like shelving because there is no door - which also helps!).  Each bin is assigned to hold a certain category of bathroom stuff - makeup in this small one, hair stuff in this other, hand towels and washcloths for this one, everything else over here - and because I only have to walk two steps, toss stuff in the right bin, no lids are drawers or doors in the way, I actually put things away almost every time.  I still need to figure out how to work this into other rooms, but five months into use in the bathroom, I think I can say without a doubt that this is the perfect organizational solution for me.

I've read several great posts this week.  Mind if I list a few?

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My Party Trick: "I Have Five Kids" - guest post by Christy at Call Her Happy

Lucia: I want ogurt.

Me: Ogurt? Like Shrek's favorite snack?

David: Hahahahahahahahaha. 

Not sure why he thought it was so funny (and he's told me several times since then that he thought it was super witty) but I'll take it.  And now when Lucia asks for yogurt she says, "I want ogurt like Shrek".  I don't think she gets it.

Have a beautiful weekend!  On Fridays, Mary Margaret spends the day with us so we have a great day ahead filled with tea parties and tutus. 

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  1. Thanks for those great links! And we hunted for a treadmill at the wrong time of year too, then ended up buying a new one at a good discount. It's awesome if you live in the cold and snow!

    1. We don't really live in a place of snow and cold, but our neighborhood isn't one that's I'm comfortable running in alone. I feel comfortable walking with Lucia during the day, but feel too vulnerable alone, especially if it's starting to get dark already, which it is by the time David gets home from work and can watch Lucia. (Plus, I don't really like to run, I like to walk on high incline.)

  2. I downloaded the ap Anne recommended within five minutes of reading her post. It's been very, very helpful for a few of my resolutions.
    And I read everything listed under #6 and they all get my seal of approval too. Click through people (and not just for my stats sake.)

    1. I don't have a smart phone or I think the app would be really helpful too! I'm going to have to wing it without technology. (I actually want a fitbit or something similar too, but again, going to have to go without the high tech gear, at least for a while.)

      I didn't realize until after I'd published this post that 4 of the 5 links are from ladies in our little blogging group. And there are only 9 of us? We killed it this week.

  3. Her face looks JUST LIKE YOU in that picture!!!

    For future reference, I could always bring baby to your place to watch Lucia during any future childbirths. Not as helpful as being able to have Lucia there, but just an option :).

  4. The loose-category, open-bin storage system has worked wonders for our playroom! I also labeled the bins with pictures, not just words, so Faith knows where to find various toys and where to put them away.

    (I know I'm a bit late on commenting, but I got behind on my blogroll and am working on catching up now!)


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