Friday, January 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 6)

1) David and I celebrated six months of marriage this past Monday!  We went out to a fancy restaurant for a nice meal (wine, appetizer, dessert and all!).  Now that we’ve completed six months just the two of us, we are turning our attention to adding to our little family.

2) This week I’ve been thinking a lot about how errors can turn into huge blessings.  Just a little example: a couple months ago, David accidentally paid for two months of my health insurance, instead of just one like we had discussed, since I would soon be eligible for Starbucks insurance.  We ended up paying double for me that month, which was financially difficult.  Then, in the middle of that second month I got my current job, where I wouldn’t be eligible for insurance for four months.  If I had cancelled my husband’s insurance as planned, I would have been uninsured or had to pay much, much more for COBRA in the meantime.  Instead, I could just continue on with his plan.  What a blessing in disguise!  When he paid for the extra month, we had no idea that I would have any job-changing opportunities in the future.  The only thing that turned out poorly about this debacle was the fact that I gave David a hard time about paying for that extra month.  If only I had known that he was actually doing us a huge favor.  I need to learn to embrace my husband’s mistakes, whether they turn out better for us or not.

3) I love the show “What Would You Do?” because it restores my faith that people really do care about one another and are willing to step in to help.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.  The show sets up various scenarios with actors to see if bystanders will help.  Almost always, someone steps in to do the right thing.  It’s wonderful, especially since the news is filled with negative stories, including those where no one steps in to aid others in trouble.  Really, how can you not try to help?  I also love this show because it keeps me accountable.  My husband and I discuss all the scenarios and what we would do in the situation - I mean what we really would do, not just what we would like to say we would do.  Do you always step in to do the right thing, even if it is difficult, scary, or inconvenient?

4) David and I decided to start fasting every Friday for the unborn.  I am such a wimp, I had such a hard time getting through the day while fasting (and our definition of fasting at this point consists of a very small morning snack, a decent lunch, and a small dinner - no frills or “treats” of any kind).  I had to pray to the Holy Mother today for strength to make it through.  But overall, I am very excited about doing this on a weekly basis.  I don’t remember where or when I heard someone talking about fasting on Fridays for the unborn, but I did get the idea somewhere which gives me hope that maybe this is part of a larger movement.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if all Catholics (who were healthy enough to fast) fasted on Fridays?  It is an unbelievably powerful way to pray with our actions.

5) I have been making a lot of new, homemade meals from scratch.  Both David and I have noticed a difference in how we feel - great!  I am secretly very surprised that I have become a passable cook.  How did that happen?  Just six months ago, when David and I married, I knew how to make about three good meals from scratch and a handful of decent meals out of a box.

6) I really wish that I had just one (devout) Catholic friend that I could talk to regularly.  It would be nice to have someone that I can discuss the day to day with who has the same viewpoint as me.  I feel like I see the world completely opposite of the way that non-Christians do.  (I previously mentioned how my best friend is not Catholic in my post, Opposites Attract.)  Obviously I have David, but there are certain issues that can only be discussed with a girlfriend.  I know he would listen, because he loves me, but David would not enjoy (or participate in) the kinds of conversations I would have with another woman.  In fact, when I talk to my mom or best friend on the phone, he instantly disappears from the room.  Coincidence?  I think not.

7) When we went back to Colorado to visit family, my grandfather (Papa) became Catholic in an impromptu ceremony in the dining room of a rectory.  It was beautiful.  It was just so beautiful.  The priest arranged for a dispensation for him to be baptized, receive first communion, and by confirmed in less than a week in order to have it when the family was there.  The generosity of the priest, especially with his time, to meet with my Papa and arrange it all has been truly inspiring.  Papa asked David and I to be his Godparents.  What an incredible honor!  I have never seen someone more filled with love and thanksgiving for the Lord.  He said it was one of the happiest days of his life and that he felt a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders.  Last Sunday was the first time he was able to go to Mass since becoming a Catholic (because his immune system was too weak from chemotherapy to be in crowds of people).  My mother picked him and my grandma up and took them to church.  She called me later just gushing about how excited Papa was to be able to fully participate in the Mass - it reminds me that I too should show excitement at being a participant of the Mass.

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