Friday, October 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 31)

1. My husband’s cousin and his wife welcomed their son into the world on Tuesday!  A few weeks ago, I asked for prayers for them because the pregnancy had many complications.  Thank you to all those who prayed for them, both mama and baby are healthy! 

2. My brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend on Wednesday! The two met on Catholic Match earlier this year (it’s becoming a family tradition) and only met in person a few months ago, but I have no doubt that this was God’s plan for them.  We were fortunate to be able to meet her last month at my baby shower.  She is very sweet and I look forward to finally having a sister!  (And maybe this means our baby will have a little cousin in a few years.)

3. It seems our family is growing quickly and our little one is the next one to make his or her big entrance.  I only have about a month left until my due date.  It seems like there is simultaneously so much longer to wait and not enough time to get everything done before the baby is here.  Although I have a strong feeling that the baby will be late, so I may have more time than I think.

4. In my opinion, one question you should never ask a pregnant woman is “How are you feeling?”  I appreciate the concern, but I have to answer that question at least five times a day.  And it’s such an awkward question to answer.  Does the person really want to hear about my swollen ankles and constant trips to the bathroom?  Regardless of the intent of the questioner, I don’t want to complain because I truly am thankful for this baby and therefore the pregnancy, discomforts and all.  So my answer is usually the ever elusive “Fine.”

5. My husband is working a ten hour day tomorrow.  He found a second job where he will be helping to run science experiments two Saturdays a month at workshops for middle schoolers.  I am so thankful that he this opportunity came up because we really need the extra money, but I despise the thought of him working six days a week (and he actually worked last Sunday to get caught up with some of his research, so this has turned into a seven day work week).  I am grateful that he works so hard for our family and I often wish that I could do more to relieve some of the stress and financial burden he feels. 

6. I wrote a blog post earlier this week about needing an adult wardrobe after the baby is born.  I got a great comment reminding me that not all clothing styles will be practical for breastfeeding – something that I hadn’t thought of at all!  Does anybody have any suggestions of what style of clothes (maybe even particular brands) I should be seeking out that will fulfill my desire for a classy adult wardrobe while being breastfeeding friendly? 

7. Here's a sneak peek at our nursery so far.  I can’t wait until the room is all ready – at this point all I really need is some kind of storage containers to hold all the miscellaneous baby items (bath towels and toiletries, cloth diapers, wash cloths, etc) that are currently strewn haphazardly across the room.  

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  1. Goodness, I'm only 17 weeks along, hardly know anyone here, and yet I feel like I get asked "How are you feeling?" all the freaking time. I don't get it either.

    I'm very excited for your expanding family and extended family. It's so wonderful :-)

  2. Betty Beguiles had a post or two on nursing-friendly clothes. I just give up dresses and wear 2-piece outfits for a few months (actually for about a year)

  3. Maybe it's just me, but I give it to people straight when they ask how I'm feeling. Well, if it's a random person, I just say fine, but if it's people within our circle of friends I tell them how I feel {not so much swollen ankles, bathroom trips, etc} like run down, overwhelmed, calm, etc, however I actually feel. I figure if they don't want to know, they'll stop asking. ;)

    Also, a must for me was a nursing tank top. Not very dress friendly, but an amazing addition under any top {and helps you stay modest from showing everyone your backside or side}.

  4. My two cents on nursing clothes: I got some cheap white camisoles and cut holes in the front and wore one every day underneath whatever I had on. It worked great for me! That way, I could wear almost any style top I wanted, and I was warmer/modest too. I stopped when it got hot outside, but by that point Elise was old enough that I didn't have to worry so much about nursing in public. I must admit that I'll wear just about anything at home and just pull it up when it's time to nurse.

  5. Good luck! Parenthood changes everything. As for nursing wardrobe. Cowl necks, surplice necklines, wrap shirts are great for pull-over or pull-down nursing. Almost any shirt can be pulled up from below, but then there's the whole postpartum jelly belly in full display issue. I tend to wear nursing camisoles (Target has great ones that are about $16; I prefer the full sling style as the side sling tends to let your assets all hang out). Put on a cardigan with a cami and you're good to go!

    My main go-to place for good postpartum fashion advice is I've learned a lot about styling the pooch from them!

    It is a lot easier to nurse a baby in the colder months because of the layers. Summer newborns are hard because of the heat and layers are just not an option, at least where we live (I had a summer newborn last year, and this year's baby is easier on the wardrobe options).

    The biggest thing to consider is access. How long will it take you to get to your boobs if your baby is screaming, and how long will it take you to put yourself back together afterward? I do find most dresses are out, as "nursing" dresses that are even kind of affordable are just dreadful style-wise.

  6. I always used to just say 'fine' during my first two pregnancies. This time, I am so sick of the how are you feeling thing that I am being more honest. It hasn't made people stop asking. I was honest when I told them how sore I was from progesterone shots, and now I'm honest in saying that my hips ache every night, and no matter how much I sleep I am never rested. They still ask! However, I should add that I am only detailed like this with friends, not random folks or relatives I don't really know.

    I personally wouldn't go out and change your wardrobe for nursing. It's too much money to spend. Unless you wear only dresses, then you shouldn't have a problem. You may find yourself wearing more knit fabrics, because the stretch makes it easier to pull the front up and still keep the sides modest, so tight button-up blouses are probably out. Some kind of undershirt is really helpful, so you don't have to worry about covering your belly and sides. I've never spent the money on a nursing tank. My trick is either a spaghetti strap top that's cut low enough to just pull down on top, or a tank with armholes large enough to pull over. I'm a DD cup and I don't have much trouble finding such a thing. If you find men's tank-style undershirts, those work great. The armholes are big and the shirts are long so you can tuck them into your pants if you don't want the 'strip of undershirt sticking out' look.

  7. Nursing tank tops are a must. That way you can wear whatever shirt over them you want, and it is super easy to nurse. You pull the shirt up, drop the flap on the tank, and your belly and back are covered. I cut myself a break on how I looked for a while after having a baby. With the number of times you are going to get spilled, and spit up on, changing my nice shirt five times a day was the last thing I wanted to deal with. Putting on makeup and fixing my hair was enough of a pick me up for me. Good luck as you are getting closer! The nursery looks fabulous.

  8. The nursing wardrobe is tough because many styles are lower cut than I (and probably you) would like. I have a college student wardrobe with no money to fix if you figure that one out, let me know!! I look like I'm 20 most of the time, when I'm actually a month shy of 25!

    Also, super cute nursery so far ;-)

    ps. Sorry if you are annoyed when I ask how you are doing!

  9. Congrats on the expanding family!! Also, you're nursery looks adorable! I love the turtles!

    Wish I could offer advice on the nursing clothes!

  10. I always want to know all the details if I ask pregnant ladies how they are doing, but then I am a big pregnancy/birth nerd. :)

    As for nursing clothes, I am all about the layers. I find that regular tank tops I can pull down are easier than nursing camis, because I still wear a bra underneath, and so with nursing camis I have to unhook two things. And cardigans are a must for me, since I am always cold. Except when there is a baby asleep on my lap, but then cardigans are a bit easier to slip off!

    And congrats on all the new family members! How exciting!


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