Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why I Love My Husband (vol. 5)

He gets so excited when he feels (or sees) the baby kick.  He is constantly telling me (in a proud daddy voice) how strong and healthy the baby is. 

I have a hard time drinking enough water everyday, and since I've become pregnant, David made it his goal to make sure I'm drinking enough.  When he's home, he's always filling my glass, but I can go the whole day while he's at work without drinking anything.  Every night, I make a to do list for the next day (using this printable sheet) and in the "Don't Forget To" section, I write "Drink Water."  Today when I looked at my list, I saw my husband had written: "Drink water. Seriously! Don't Forget! As soon as you read this, do it!"  I drank four glasses of water today before he got home.

Yesterday, we were at a certain baby store picking up some items I had ordered online (crib sheet for $4.48, sheet savers for $2.68!).  My husband noticed a "heartburn tea" on one of the shelves and insisted we buy it for me because I've been having terrible heartburn.  Then he made me a cup before bed last night!  And guess what?  I barely had any heartburn at all!

Even though graduation is still seven months away, he has been working really hard to get in contact with professors in Colorado so he'll potentially already have a post-doc position when he graduates.  Several professors have shown interest in working with him, which makes me so proud!  I can't wait to see where he ends up in his career.

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  1. Hi I'm new follower from Catholic Mothers Online! What a sweet post! My husband loved feeling our baby kick too. The first time he felt her was when he was laying his head on my stomach. He said it felt like he was "being punched through a bowl of jello" hahaha! I love husbands!

    Feel free to stop by my blog anytime. :o)

    And Congratulations on your baby!

    For Love of Cupcakes


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