Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday 5 - Gratitude

Kaylene of Letters from Momma is hosting a weekly link-up, Sunday 5 - Gratitude.  I love the idea of setting aside a day to thoughtfully reflect on the blessings in my life, so I’m joining this week.

1. While it sometimes is difficult, I am grateful that my husband is a graduate student because he has a flexible schedule and is able to spend so much time with me.  He is able to attend every midwife appointment.  We have dinner together every night.  And he will be able to cut the hours he’s at school to be able to spend a lot of time with us after the baby is born.  I know that jobs keep many a husband away from the home until late in the evening or for long periods of time and I don’t want to take the time we have together for granted.

2. My pregnancy has been very healthy and uncomplicated so far.

3. My mom will be flying out a few days after the baby is born.  At first, I had told her not to worry about coming, but now I’m starting to realize just how difficult those first few weeks might be and I am very grateful to have the extra help.  And I can’t wait to see my mom with her first grandchild, she is just so excited!

4. The weather has been just beautiful here!  It’s been in the 70s and sunny the past several days.  I hope it stays this way for a while.  If this is what fall is like here, fall may be my new favorite season.

5. On Friday, I was at the mall and happened to see that Sears was having some clearance sales.  There were racks of clothes for only $2.99!  I found two polos and a jean button up shirt for David, several nice shirts and a dress for myself (for after the baby), a few adorable dresses for David’s little cousin for Christmas, and a few outfits for the baby.  The total was $47 and when I got home and added up the original prices, it was over $400 worth of clothing!  Money is very tight for us and I was so grateful to be able to get a few Christmas presents and much needed wardrobe additions for me and David without spending much. 


  1. I have to agree with the first one. Sometimes I hate being a student but I get to be home way more than I would with a real job.

    That's great that your mom is coming to help you out after the birth! Mom's are great!

    Oh My! I need to head to Sears! JCPenney had a sale just like that this weekend where they had a $1.97 rack if you have more time! :)

  2. Hurrah for being "too young", "too newlywedish" and "too poor" for becoming first time parents. Those are each wonderful criteria for God! :-)
    God Bless your little one!

  3. Katie, thanks for the heads up about JCPenney - they have some awesome sales sometimes. I don't even know where one is in the area, but it's high time I find out!

    Abigail, thanks so much for the comment. It gets a little frustrating hearing negative comments all the time, even if I know I'm doing the "right" thing.

  4. What a great post. I just love gratitude posts! So happy you are having a healthy pregnancy! Yay for mom coming for a visit! Fall is also my favorite season! :)


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