Friday, October 7, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 28)

--- 1 ---

I grew up in a household where nothing was made from scratch.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining - my mom’s cakes and cookies tasted great even if they were made from a box mix and I never felt deprived.  But it gave me the (faulty) mindset that making food from scratch was difficult, time consuming, and required a pantry filled with specialized ingredients.  Recently, I’ve slowly been changing this mindset.  Last Sunday, I increased my repertoire of homemade recipes by making chocolate pudding.  On a whim, I decided that I just needed to make something new from dessert, looked up a recipe (from Pinterest, of course) and had all the ingredients (there were only 5!) on hand.  My husband helped me whip it up and I am quite happy to say that it didn’t take much longer than instant pudding and tasted so much more delicious!  

--- 2 ---

Actually, I wasn’t telling the whole truth when I said my mom didn’t make anything from scratch, because I just made French toast this morning from the memory of my mom making it for me as a kid.  David was impressed because he’d never had anyone make French toast for him before and felt like he was getting a fancy breakfast.  And I was quite proud of myself because I’d never made it before, was simply going off memory and my knowledge of what French toast should taste like, and it came out really tasty!  

--- 3 ---

Yesterday, I had my 32 week appointment at the birth center.  Once again, everything looked (and sounded) healthy.  I am so thankful for this healthy pregnancy!

--- 4 ---

My husband’s cousin and his wife are expecting a little boy due around the beginning of November and they’ve had a very difficult pregnancy fraught with complications.  This is the miracle child they gave up trying to conceive several years ago.  I would really appreciate if you would pray for the health of mother and child over the next month.

--- 5 ---

I just received a new book today from the Catholic Company reviewer program: The Church and New Media.  I have heard so many great things about this book that I can’t wait to read it.  I just wrote a review on Weightless by Kate Wicker a few days ago, so I was surprised to get this new book in the mail so quickly!

--- 6 ---

I spent most of the day with Kendra of The Nerdy Wife.  I never thought I would meet a fellow blogger in real life (although I can’t really imagine why I would think that, I did meet my husband online after all), but this is the third time we’ve met up and it’s so great to have made a friend in a new city.  We went to a couple thrift stores today and I found a really great grey sweater (new with tags still on!).  

--- 7 ---

If there are any pregnant mamas out there suffering from heartburn, you have to get heartburn tea!  It is a miracle worker.  I know that there are some medications that doctors say you can take, but I haven’t wanted to take any chances with medicine while pregnant, so I’ve just been suffering through it.  I wish I had discovered heartburn tea earlier, but at least I don’t have to suffer any longer!

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  1. Next time I visit NC we all have to meet up! Can't wait to hear your review on the book since I've been thinking of buying it.

  2. So sorry for your husband's cousin. I'll keep them in my prayers.

    Also, isn't thrift store shopping the best? I went yesterday with a friend and got some great deals!

  3. It's funny how it really is no harder to make things completely from scratch! I also was always making boxed mixes, but I found that you're going to be mixing anyway, so you might as well just use the flour and sugar and whatnot that you have anyway!

    And I'm totally going to start following you on Pinterest. I just joined yesterday - so fun!


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