Friday, April 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 52)

--- 1 ---

My grouchy Easter bunny
Having children is a lesson in humility.  No one ever asks me how I'm doing anymore, they only ask about the baby.  We are currently in Colorado visiting family and it's quite obvious that our parents and grandparents don't really notice we're here.  They only have eyes for Lulu.  But how can you blame them? She's so stinkin' cute!
--- 2 ---

Do you live your live always in anticipation of the next big event or do you allow yourself to enjoy the seasons?  I wrote a post earlier this week about how my Catholic faith has helped me to stop waiting and start living through the liturgical seasonsHow do you keep the Easter season alive after Easter day?

--- 3 ---

Did you read the newest post in my On Marrying Young series, Less is More than Enough?  Caitlin of Catholic Cookie Jar reminds us that when you have God and each other, other things (like furniture!) just don't seem that important anymore. 

--- 4 ---

Speaking of guest posts, I had a guest post at Sister's Saving Cents last week about using coconut oil as a beauty product.  Coconut oil has recently become my top beauty routine necessity.  What is the most surprising product in your beauty routine?  Do you have any other products you use in non-conventional ways?

--- 5 ---

Want to advertise your blog or business?  I'm still taking advertisers on my blog in exchange for donations to a local pro-life pregnancy resource center.  Read more about advertising for life or email me at

--- 6 ---

There are a couple exciting giveaways going on right now. Now that Lent is over (and therefore seafood sales as well), I'm giving three readers the opportunity to win two coupons each for free Gorton's Seafood products. I also have teamed up with other bloggers in a giveaway for FOUR Kindle Fires and a Happy Baby Happy Parent giveaway that includes baby food and awesome baby gear. Don't forget to enter!
--- 7 ---

This week, Lucia is basking in the glory of all the attention she's receiving for grandparents, great-grandparents, aunties and uncles.  She is such a ham!  She hasn't showed off her new rolling over skills yet, but is showing off just how talented she is at playing with her toys.  She's also received a million new clothes and toys (and some fuzzy Ugg like boots too!).  She's getting to be quite the baby fashion plate!

Have a great week and Happy Easter!

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  1. Kendra BaumgartnerApril 13, 2012 at 1:43 AM

    Love the bunny ears! I can't wait for you two to come visit again, we miss you over here :-)

  2. Catholic Cookie JarApril 13, 2012 at 6:55 AM

    She is too cute in those bunny ears! Love it! Thanks so much for having me guest post this week! :) 

  3. Love the coconut oil post! I want to start using it in the kitchen (when we run out of our supply of bad cooking oils) and had no clue of all the other uses! 

  4. I can't blame your family, Lucia is a doll! She's soo cute! Hope you're having a great time visiting family!

  5. Coconut oil as a beauty product, huh?  That sounds interesting.  I'm going to go look for your article.  Thanks!


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