Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Baby Happy Parent Giveaway

Happy babies make happy parents! Money Saving Parent has put together a great giveaway package to insure both happy babies and parents with  and other baby food and exciting baby gear, and I'm happy to announce I'm joining in too!  The giveaway goes live at 12:00 AM tomorrow (Easter morning), so don't forget to come back here and enter!

Here's what the prize package contains!

 Happy Baby Organic Munchies 1.63 ounce 

Happy Belly Super Organic Cereals 7 ounce

8 pouches of Happy Baby Organic Easy Squeeze

Organic Happy Baby Fruit Puffs 2.10 ounce

One Pourty Potty Chair (See our review of the  Pourty Potty Chair)  (value $16.99)

One Juppy Walker (See our review of The Juppy) (valued at $36.99)


a Britax Child Bike Seat (valued at $170.00)


How to Enter 

It's easy, just fill out as many entries in the form below as you like.  This giveaway will run from April 8th at 12:01 AM until 12:01 AM April 22, 2012.  Only open to US residents.  Good luck!

A huge thank you to our all our sponsors who made this giveaway possible, including The and! 

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  1. My 'must have' baby item is a baby bath tub... I suppose that's silly, but it's the one thing we seriously needed. At our old apartment, our tub was too deep to give a newborn a bath we gave G her baths on top of the sink in the baby bath rub and we are still using it today! she still prefers it over taking a bath in our new house's more shallow tub.

  2. My must have item is our jumparoo.  Even though my son is 15 months we still use it when we need to take a shower or do something else when he needs to be contained for safety (Sonja S)

  3. A must have for us is baby carrier since I'm going to wear my baby as often as I can.

  4. Pourty Potty Chair.

  5. My most wished for item is a glider! I never had one with my daughter and regretted it every day while I was rocking her on the uncomfortable couch. haha.

    RickiReviews at gmail dot com

  6. a must have for me would be a carseat....too many people don't use them risking their baby's life.....I hate when I hear someone say that they didn't have them years ago...its unfortunate they didn't but they also didnt have as many cars on the road. did you ever think they made them because they realized how many accidents leading to death or other horrific endings as a result..

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net


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