Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guest Post at Sister's Saving Cents: Using Coconut Oil as a Beauty Product

Would you be surprised to learn that my most used product in my beauty routine is coconut oil?  If you want to learn more about how it has replaced several other beauty products in my beauty routine (and therefore saved me a lot of money), head over to Sister's Saving Cents and read my guest post:

Coconut oil is not only amazing the kitchen, it is also my most essential beauty product.  Coconut oil is versatile, one jar can replace 4 or 5 other beauty products you have at home.  It’s also cheaper (and smells better – mmmm….coconuts!) than any other beauty product you could possibly find.  Six months ago, I bought a 20 ounce container for about $12 and still have about half left.  And I would argue that it probably works much better (and is much better for you) than the majority of specifically marketed beauty products out there.  It is 100% natural, for those of you who are concerned about putting chemicals on your skin and hair...continue reading at Sister's Saving Cents

If you are visiting Catholic Newlywed for the first time from Sister's Saving Cents, I hope you'll stay and look around.  I am a young Catholic woman who is living out my vocation as wife and new mother to Lucia Rose, 4 months.  I blog about marriage and motherhood, keeping house, saving money, and my Catholic faith.  Don't miss my two blog series On Marrying Young and Baby on a Budget, both which feature some great guest bloggers.


  1. Okay. I've been hearing a lot about coconut oil lately.  My question is how do you cook with it?  Or rather how do you use it in baking for replacing, say, canola oil, since it comes as a solid at room temperature? My oldest son has learned a brownie recipe that we all really enjoy but it has A LOT of oil in it, relatively speaking, and if I can make it more healthy (we already use whole wheat flour), then that would be a plus.

  2. It usually melts at just above room temperature, so you could simply warm it slightly before mixing in. I haven't used it much to bake personally, unless the recipe called for it, but I don't see why you couldn't just easly subsitute it.


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  3. One of my favorite uses for coconut oil: diaper area cream. All natural and so inexpensive compared to most creams marketed for that purpose.

  4. Best way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful is to use natural and organic products .


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