Friday, June 8, 2012

Discover Pennsylvania with the Roadtrip-a-Matic

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David and I have lived in North Carolina for almost a year and it's possible that if he finds a job elsewhere, we'll be moving away anytime in the next few months.  I had really hoped while we were living on the East Coast for the first time that we would be able to travel a bit and get to see even more of this part of the country.  Now that Lucia is six months old, I think we will be able to take a trip or two.  Although we do have to be thrifty while traveling since we don't know when David will find a job and have an income again, this time between graduation and starting a job also gives us the freedom to travel as a family. 

While we are here, I'd love to take a trip to Pennsylvania.  pa-roadtrips is a very user-friendly website that has preplanned roadtrips that take the hassle out of trip planning, with the research already done for you - sights to see, places to eat, and where to stay.  With the Roadtrip-a-Matic anyone can find a roadtrip that caters to his/her unique interests, whether a history buff, shopping queen, foodie, outdoorsman, photographer, or parent.  As a history major, I bet you can probably figure out which type of trip I'd love to drive.

My ideal trip would be the "Follow me to 1863" trip to the Civil War trails, but at 4 days, it might be a little long of one to do with the baby.  The "Time Traveler's Guide to PA History" might be a little more manageable at only two days, and it still includes some great historical sights including the National Constitution Center, the Laurel Hill Cemetery (did you know I love cemeteries - I'm weird, I know!), and Kennett Square Underground Railroad tours.  And someday, I'd love to come back just with David for a few romantic days on one of the "Small Time Charmy" roadtrips!


Check out the Roadtrip-a-Matic and tell me which would be your ideal roadtrip!

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  1. If you ever do visit PA, we must meet up! :)

  2. Mandi, please contact me if you would like any advice or help planning some trips while on the east coast.  As you know, I'm a native North Carolinian so I can give you ideas there.  Also, my family lives up and down the east coast and we've lived in Georgia and northern DE (near Philly).  I have a travel section on my blog where you can read about different trips we've taken.  Take a look at the one in Lancaster, PA (AKA, Amish Country).  We visited Gettysburg on that trip as well.  Happy trails!


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