Sunday, June 10, 2012

Guest Post at Real Catholic Love and Sex: The Honeymoon Series, When One is a Virgin and the Other is Not

Kate at Real Catholic Love and Sex is hosting a "Honeymoon" series of posts that address tough questions related to the wedding night - advice for virgins who may be nervous about the first time and for those who are entering marriage with past sexual experiences.  I have contributed a very personal piece that addresses the issue "When One is a Virgin and the Other is Not".  Unlike what most people expect, my husband was a virgin and I, well, I was not.  I wrote this piece with hopes that other young women (or men) who still suffer from guilt from past sins may find comfort knowing they are not alone and some advice as well.  I hope you'll read my piece and then take a look around Real Catholic Love and Sex.  Kate does an awesome job addressing some difficult issues.
The first time my husband and I had sex was after our wedding.  Perhaps I should rephrase that: the first time my husband and I had sex with each other was after our wedding.  That was also the first time my husband had sex.  But it was not my first time.  No, my first time was years before, with a young man that would soon after become my boyfriend and not long after that become emotionally, and at times physically, abusive.  And so that first time with my husband, while special in its own way because it was our first time together and with someone with whom I had just entered into a sacramental marriage, was tainted.  He had waited for me, but I hadn’t waited for him; I was (and sometimes still am) wracked with guilt...continue reading at Real Catholic Love and Sex

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