Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Here We Go!

 In July 2010, I married my husband and moved from 
Colorado to Indiana where he was attending grad school:
In July 2011, while I was five months pregnant, we moved from 

In July 2012, we will be moving back to Colorado only it’s no longer 
just the two of us, we now have a little one we're bringing back with us.

David graduated in May and hasn’t had any luck finding a job yet.  Our lease is up next month and we decided to head back to live with my parents for a while.  We are hoping to settle in Colorado and living there will give David a better opportunity to network, meet with professors, and attend interviews (assuming that there will be interviews).  If David does find a job elsewhere, we will at least have had some time with our family and friends before moving on.

Our move from Indiana to North Carolina was unexpected, but we knew that we would only be in Indiana for two years at most.  Although we thought David might have some job opportunities here in Raleigh, we were prepared to have to move after a year.  But knowing that our locations were temporary didn’t stop us from making a home while there.  We are thrilled to move back “home” and for Lucia to be close to family, but we are leaving behind some great friends.  We’ve also grown to love Raleigh; if our family and friends were here, we would never want to leave. 

It was a difficult process coming to this decision.  We’ve been debating what the best course would be for a while.  But now that it’s made, we are excited and relieved.  I will be throwing myself into preparing for this move and I won’t look back.  And I can’t shake the feeling that I’m going home, to the place I’m from, to the place I belong, to my mama and daddy’s house.  We’ve been praying for years now that David would find a job that would take us back to Colorado.  I believe this as an answer to our prayers, although a little backwards from what we planned.  But maybe once we make the move, the job will follow.  Keep us in your prayers? 


  1. Amy_YouShallGoOutWithJoyJune 19, 2012 at 5:53 PM

    It was surely a tough decision to make, but what a blessing to be able to spend some time with your family--and for them to become a daily part of Lucia's life!  I'll be keeping you in my prayers!

  2. Did this in 2010 when my f-i-l was diagnosed with cancer and Jon was between churches.  Definitely praying for you three.

  3. I only just found #cathsorority within the last month and have been reading away.  I wanted to let you know that I find your blog so encouraging, especially when you talk about your family decisions.  Thank you for sharing, and I will be praying for you!

  4. Congrats on your move back "home".  I hope your husband is able to find a job quickly.  My husband and I have been married for 3 years and in that time we have lived in 2 states (not counting NC where we married and stay for a couple of weeks before moving), 2 different countries (US & Germany), and 5 different apartments!  My husband has personally moved at least every year since he was 18.  We have a hard time imagining life in the same place or apartment for more than a year.  Good luck with everything!

  5. You know you have my prayers. :) God works in mysterious ways and usually only makes sense to us later. I moved to Raleigh after grad school with no job opportunity. It was a huge risk and I had a lot of naysayers, but I felt SO pulled to Raleigh. I had no clue why, but decided to follow that pull... and my life has changed drastically! As you know, I've since met Steven, reverted to the faith through his conversion, and got married (and did get a job about 2 1/2 months after moving). I think God has big things in store for your family, and you have the right attitude about it. I'm excited for you guys and can't wait to see what's next for you! We will miss you guys a lot! 

  6.  Stacy, we will miss you and Steven too!  When we moved here I was wary about making friends because I was so worried I would have to leave them so soon!  At least we can keep us with each other through our blogs!

    Thanks for you prayers, we are nervous, but I love your story about just taking a leap and moving, so inspiring!

  7. All the moving has probably strengthened your relationship!  You've had to rely on each other so much.  At least that's how David and I feel.  That sounds so fun to have moved to Germany together - is one of you in the military or was it for a job?

  8.  Sara, thank you so much!  We can never get enough prayers.

  9.  Yes, we are as thrilled for Lucia to be around her family as they are to have her around!  It definitely made the decision easier.


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