Monday, June 11, 2012

Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper Review

Before Lucia was born, we got a variety of baby items to fulfill various needs: a Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper, a bouncer, a swing, and a Bumbo baby sitter just to name a few.  As new parents, my husband and I were overwhelmed by all these gadgets and the amount of space they required in our small apartment.  And to make it even worse at only six months, Lucia is  already close to outgrowing all of these.  I’m constantly looking for baby products that are space-saving or that serve multiple purposes in order to make apartment living with a baby more manageable.  I think I’ve found one of these products in the Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper.

 "rock & play" position (similar to bouncer)
I received a Rocker Napper to review.  Initially when I learned about the product, I thought of it as yet another baby items to use in addition to the items we already have, but after receiving it, I quickly realized that it can replace at least two of the baby products I already own: Lucia’s  Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper and bouncer.  Not only that, the Rocker Napper is meant to use with babies up to 40 pounds while in the “seat” position, so I can continue to use it for Lucia for much longer than her current items. 

The Rocker Napper has three different modes, it lays flat as the “napper”, it adjusts to a stable seat, and has a middle position of “rock & play” similar to a bouncer. It has a vibration function as well so it truly can take the place of a traditional bouncer.  Like a Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper, it’s light enough to be carried to different rooms throughout the home so baby can nap near where you are.  However, the Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper can be used as a bassinet for the baby to sleep in overnight and the Rocker Napper is not meant to be used for long periods of sleep, so it cannot replace it in this way.  Lucia has always either slept in our bed or in her crib overnight, so we were only using the Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper for naps anyway and therefore can truly replace it in our household.

Lucia in the "seat" position
Lucia just loves the overhanging mobile with removable stuffed toys, lights, and sounds.  In fact, the snail and sun are some of her favorite toys and she loves playing with them even when she isn’t in the Rocker Napper.  The mobile can easily detach in order to use the Rocker Napper as a seat and to make it easier to put the baby in and out as well.  I love that this can be done with one hand unlike our bouncer which requires two hands; this makes it much easier to put a sleeping baby in without waking her up. 

Now that Lucia is around 20 pounds (we’ll see where she is exactly when we go to the pediatrician tomorrow), she’s just about outgrown the napper and rock & play functions which have a weight limit of 20 pounds.  However, when David and I are busy working on something around the home, we can still place Lucia next to us in the Rocker Napper in it’s seat function and will be able to do so for quite awhile.

The one downside that my husband and I have noticed about the Rocker Napper is that it does not rock as far or as smoothly as we would have expected.  That’s not to say that it doesn’t rock at all, it just isn’t as easy or as fluid of a motion as I would have liked.  We don’t rock Lucia all that much, so it hasn’t been a problem for us, but if you have a little one that is big into the rocking motion, you may want to take that into account before purchasing the Rocker Napper.

We are so happy with the Rocker Napper that we will be getting rid of our bouncer before our upcoming move (we still don’t know where we are moving yet, but even if we stay here in Raleigh, we won’t be taking the bouncer with us!).  I am so grateful for the extra space we’ll have without having to store the bouncer.  We will hold on the Rock ‘n’ Play for the next child but won’t pull it out unless we determine for some reason that we will need it as a bassinet.  We’ll save space (and a little sanity) in our home by keeping the Rocker-Napper as our main mobile baby gear item.   (We’ve even found a bonus use - when Lucia isn’t in it, in the napper position it becomes a cute little storage space for her stuffed animals!)

napping in the "napper" position - still fits at 5 months

I received a 3-in-1 Rocker Napper to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.  


  1. That sounds like such a neat piece of baby gear!

  2. She's 20 pounds already??!  What a beast!  (I mean that in a nice way :)  I actually really love the Tiny Love brand; our mobile is from them, and it is awesome.

  3. Well, we're not quite sure exactly what she weighs but it's around 20 pounds.  She was supposed to have her 6 month appointment earlier this week but had a cold, so we had to postpone it.  She was 16 pounds at her 4 month appointment.

    This is the first time I thought I'd Tiny Love, but then I realized that they make the Gyminis, which are pretty neat play mat.


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