Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 66)

--- 1 ---

The Intersection of Faith and Science I've been reading and following blogs for about two years now and I've read some beautiful posts from time to time, but this is probably one of the most touching ones I've ever read.  A blogger friend of mine, Kaylene, wrote about finding out that the baby she is carrying might have special needs and how she and her husband reacted.  I can only hope that if I am ever in the same situation, I can approach it with as much faith as they did. 

--- 2 ---

21,915 Days of "I Still Do"  My grandparents celebrated their 60th anniversary yesterday.  Check out my post about how they "beat the odds" (and to see a rockin' vintage photo of those two). 

--- 3 ---

Speaking of anniversaries, this week I posted a DIY tutorial of the map wall art I made David for our anniversary last month.  It was really easy, took only a few hours (including shopping for supplies), was under $20 (basically just the price of frames), and came out fabulous.

--- 4 ---

Today completes my second week of teaching.  It's exhausting.  Being in the classroom on my feet (both literally and figuratively) all day is hard work, but the planning is really what is sucking the life out of me.  I teach K-8 so I have nine different classes to plan.  I try to do some similar activities in various grades to save time, but the real lifesavers for me have been Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers.  Thanks to those two sites, I have tons of ideas for activities, games, and worksheets to keep each class interesting.  How did new teachers survive their first year without the internet?

--- 5 ---

A Lucia update: (I know her nine month post is coming up buy I just couldn't wait) She's pulling up on everything she can and is getting quite adventurous about letting go.  She also added a new word to her vocabulary: "mama".  Be still my heart!

--- 6 ---

We spent last weekend with my in-laws.  My husband's brother and his wife came down too and we had a really nice time.  Unfortunately, much of the time I had to work on lesson plans, but it was still nice.  It's especially fun to see Lucia with my sister-in-law, those two are quite smitten with each other!

--- 7 ---

This weekend, my aunt is out for my grandparents' anniversary.  I'm going to be spending the long weekend relaxing with family and baking.  I just haven't had the time to bake with my new job and I can't wait to get a few goodies in the oven.  Have a blessed (and safe) holiday weekend!

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  1. I loved the post about your grandparents. May we all be blessed with 60 years of marriage. I do imagine that it was harder to plan back without the internet, but then again, the kids didn't have access to it either :)

  2. I loved your posts this week! I'm thinking of doing the map project for us someday too :)

  3. Love that map project!!! May be just what I needed.

  4. I really enjoyed the post about your grandparents. I always enjoy hearing about how past generations made marriage work!

  5. Thanks! The concept of marriage doesn't change that much over time, so we have so much to gain from the older generations!

  6. Thanks, Trista! I think it could be pretty cool for a long distance relationship - maybe where each of you live and where you met?

  7. Thanks, Emily! I'd love to see how you personalize yours if you do end up making one!

  8. Ann-Marie, aren't my grandparents just so lucky! I'm only two years, so 58 more years of marriage is hard to imagine but at the same time sounds just heavenly!


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