Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 65)

--- 1 ---

I went "back to work" this week, starting my new job as a part-time Spanish teacher.  School doesn't start until next week, so this week has been meetings, preparing my classroom, and lesson planning.  The first few days were quite stressful as I worked out my schedule and cleaned out (all the junk from) my classroom.  Now that my classroom is shaping up, I am also finding some confidence and coming up with some exciting lesson plan ideas.  I'm starting to think that I just might pull this off!

--- 2 ---

Leaving Lucia has been heartbreaking.  Yesterday, Lucia pulled herself up in her crib for the first time while I was at work.  I struggled not to cry when David told me about it tonight.  I worry that I will miss big milestones like her first steps while I'm gone.  She has also been noticeably different since I started work, clinging to me when I'm home and crying when I put her down, hand her to someone else, or leave the room.  I worry about the effect my absence has on her.  I don't understand why God is calling me to work right now while David stays at home with Lucia, but I have faith that His plan is greater than mine.

--- 3 ---

I've been working this week on decorating my classroom, which I have to say is a difficult endeavor (especially since there wasn't much to work with).  As in most cases, Pinterest both helps and hurts.  The ideas you can find are amazing (for example, visit the school supply addict), but they often are not feasible for me, either because of my limited budget, limited time, or limited craftiness.  I was able to make some cute bunting for the front white board (perhaps I'll post a picture later) to add a personal touch.  I'm going to be going to a "teacher store" (aka so-expensive-I-can't-believe-anyone-on-a-teacher's-salary-can-afford-it store) later today to try to get some charts of verb conjugation, etc. for my classroom.  I'm not sure that the school will reimburse me for it, but if not, it's necessary since I have absolutely nothing on my walls.  I would have loved to have seen how the classroom was before I got there, because there seemed to be nothing to decorate with.

--- 4 ---

Now that my room is starting to look like a place of learning, I'm turning my attention to classroom procedures.  I will be going into the 1-4 grade classrooms, so I don't really have to create my own procedures with the little ones.  I will have grades 5-8 in my class and I need to figure out how I will handle turning in assignments, participation, etc., etc., etc.  Are there any veteran teachers here that can share the procedures that have worked for them?

--- 5 ---

David is applying to substitute at my school.  One of the teachers will be gone for surgery in a couple weeks and David is going to fill in.  I was looking for someone to care for Lucia on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when we will both be working (in classrooms next to one another).  I posted something about it on Facebook and an old friend from high school that I haven't spoken to in years volunteered.  How sweet! 

--- 6 ---

Yesterday, my parents celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary and they are going out of town for the weekend!  You have no idea what a big deal this is - they usually don't do anything but go to dinner with family for their anniversary - not even anything for their 30th anniversary!  My grandparents will be celebrating their 60th anniversary in a few weeks.  My aunt is coming out for it and we asked my grandparents what they want to do...they want to go to Red Lobster!  I don't know about you, but I think 60 years of marriage should be celebrated with a little more decorum than dinner at a restaurant we go to for nearly every family occasion!

--- 7 ---

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  1. I'm so sorry that you're feeling bad about leaving Lucia behind! My mother is also a teacher and she has told me how hard it was for her as well. I'll be praying for you guys (especially that David gets a job!)
    I'll actually be traveling to Colorado in a few months! I doubt it's near where you live, but yay!

  2. Emily, where will you be? It would be so neat if you could meet up with me (and maybe Paige too!)

  3. Congrats on your new job! I remember I cried the first few months of leaving my little one. It gets easier,I promise : ), and a little bit of time away can make time together even more rewarding. Hang in there!

  4. Thanks, Leigh! It has been really hard, but I think once Lucia gets used to it and doesn't cry when I hand her off, I won't feel so awful!

  5. Man I know what you mean about all the "junk" when my mom started her current job last year I helped her go through her office and some other areas and the things we found were crazy!! She was also a teacher in another life and had to go through some really old stuff their as well.

    I'm not even a teacher and I'm envious of those classrooms!!

  6. The old principal didn't want the teachers to get rid of anything, so there was 20+ years of junk! I'm so glad that I'm coming in with a new principal that loves getting rid of clutter.

  7. OMG Me 2!! Clutter at work drives me crazy (don't ask me about my room at home though).

  8. My hubby is a teacher. Keep all receipts for purchases that you make for your classroom -- for supplies only. You can deduct up to $250 on your tax return. It's an above the line deduction (on the front page), which is excellent! Have a great year! Teaching is a tough gig.

  9. We will be reimbursed a bit for our classroom (I just found out today, yay!). And I am definitely saving receipts!


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