Monday, August 20, 2012

Blessed Mother Word Art {Printables}

The Blessed Virgin Mary has been on my mind and in my heart quite a bit lately.  Maybe it's because we just celebrated her assumption into heaven.  Or maybe it's because since I've started back to work, I've called upon the Blessed Mother to comfort me as I struggle leaving my little one.  For whatever reason, there she is, always with me.  

I've been playing around with some online tools to make visuals and worksheets for my Spanish classes, but instead of making anything for my students, I ended up making some neat word art about our Blessed Mother.  I thought I would share.  Feel free to use these anyway you would like.  I would love it if you attributed these to me, but that's not necessary.  The real glory goes to Christ anyway.  Click on the links under the images to go to a printable version.

 inspired by the many titles of Mary

 based on just the "Queen" titles of Mary
 same thing in white

 My favorite! Inspired by the "Hail, Holy Queen" prayer.

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  1. Oh, fun! And hey, just a thought, since you're at a Catholic school: why don't you just translate those into Spanish and put them on the wall?

  2. Ah! I have always wanted Hubbs to do an image of the BVM just made out of words/her titles! Maybe I could have him sketch one up for me and I can cut them out of magazines or something! Craft time!!

  3. That is a great idea, Cat! I'm looking for some cheap ways to decorate my room!

  4. That sounds awesome! You'll have to show it to me when you get it done!

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for joining us in the link up, Mandi!

  6. Coooooolcoolcool! Thanks for participating, Mandi :-)

  7. These are awesome, Mandi! Thanks so much for sharing your work and for linking this up!

  8. These are amazing - thanks for sharing them - I am visiting from Elise's Marian link-up!


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