Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 68)

--- 1 ---

We're going away this weekend with family.  I'm looking forward to a nice getaway and some relaxation.  This will be Lucia's first trip away from home that isn't to a family member's house.  Babies have so much stuff.  Girl babies have even more, because we just had to bring a darling pair of shoes to match each outfit.  Yes, had to.

--- 2 ---

David didn't get the position he interviewed for recently.  It's been over four months since he graduated and nine months since he started looking for jobs.  We didn't think it would take this long for him to find a job, but we have faith that there was a reason this job wasn't right for us and a better opportunity will soon come up.

--- 3 ---

Now that we know we won't be moving anytime soon, we can settle in at my parents' house.  I've been putting some finishing touches on Lucia's room.  When we find the time, we will be repainting our room and putting up some pictures and other decorations.  Right now, there is some "interesting" 80s wallpaper (I don't know how I survived high school in this room!) and the only decor is the map art I made for David for our anniversary.

--- 4 ---

I saw a few friends this week.  I thought that once I moved back, I would be seeing friends all the time, but I started working and just haven't had the energy to do much.  I definitely feel like I've been in "survival" mode.  Seeing my friends has made me realize how much I've been missing and I'm going to set aside some time every week for some "friend time", if not in person, at least a phone call.

--- 5 ---

Last night, I made apple compote.  I've never made compote of any kind before, but I just looked up a recipe on Pinterest and it came out great.  It was awesome with angel food cake and vanilla ice cream.  And it made the house smell like fall.
--- 6 ---

Speaking of fall, I took out my boots and sweaters tonight.  It seems like almost everyone I know is so excited for autumn, but I'm more of a summer girl. Although I will admit that there are certain things I love about fall: I love fall scents, the colors of the leaves, crock pot meals, warm lattes and apple cider, and pumpkins.

--- 7 ---

Someone loves her new slide:

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  1. Haha, your #1 made me laugh. It reminds me of my family going camping at the beach when I was, I don't know, like 3? And my mother, ever the Girl Scout and tomboy, tried to pack light but still brought a dress for me to wear when we went out to dinner (her girly little one). However, she did not pack any shoes and expected me to wear my sneakers. I threw an absolute fit that no one would have thought a 3 year-old capable of and drew all kinds of attention from other campers. Good for you for bringing the shoes :-)

    Good that you are staying positive about jobs--something will come along for sure. What is your husband's degree?

  2. Lucia is really, really, really cute on her slide. You found some grat deals.m well done!

  3. Haha, she is so stinkin cute on the slide!!! Have fun on your trip!

  4. Emily @ Day in the LifeSeptember 28, 2012 at 8:52 AM

    Awww she is so cute on the slide! I'll be praying that David gets a job! I hope you have fun going away with your family! I do love fall so much, but I'm definitely looking forward to spring when it starts getting warmer again.

  5. Have fun on your weekend away, your little girl is so cute! Found you from Quick takes!

  6. Hope you have fun on the trip! I'll keep praying that David finds a job that is just perfect for your family. Little kids and slides=awesome!

  7. ericapage.wordpress.comSeptember 29, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    My husband's been taking a series of licensing exams for his job (he's finished 2 with 7 to go; he'll be testing for the next decade or so!), and it took him three attempts to pass his first. It was a good year of study, fail, study, fail, study, pass.

    I think I took his failures harder than he did, because it was just so painful to see someone you love work so hard and then not succeed. I'm sure you're going through similar emotions with the job search. I'm glad you're staying positive. I'm sure there's a reason God's having you wait, too. Best of luck!

  8. Lucia is too cute on that slide! Have a fun family getaway--shoes and all:)


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