Saturday, September 22, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 67)

--- 1 ---

One of my fellow Catholic bloggers, Jenna of It's Just Called Spicy, is awaiting the arrival of her first baby any day now.  She's starting to really feel the full-term frustration (also known as "I want to see my baby now!), so won't you pop over to her blog and leave her some encouragement and advice for waiting out those last few days? She recently wrote a post recapping her pregnancy; if you haven't checked out her blog before, that would be a great place to start!

--- 2 ---

Recently I've purchased a few new wardrobe items (at deep discounts) and I'm starting to feel like I finally have a grown-up wardrobe.  I've tried to buy dresses, skirts, shirts, and cardigans, that can be mixed with various pieces.  Areas where I am still struggling: accessorizing and doing something with my hair more than blow drying it or putting it in a pony tail.  I was proud of myself a few weeks ago when we went out for my grandparent's 60th anniversary and I actually styled my hair.  And I didn't even follow a tutorial, I made it up as I went.

--- 3 ---

Lucia is sick.  Again.  She hasn't had any big illnesses, but she has had a series of colds for the past month that haven't quite gone away.  She was up all night with a stuffy nose and a nasty cough.  David took her to the doctor's today and it is just a cold but at least now I have some piece of mind.  This was the first time she's been to the doctor's for an illness and not a well baby check up.  Today was a long day at work worrying about her (and exhausted from being up with her last night).

--- 4 ---

I had a few really great classes this week.  It's taken a while to figure out what activities and classroom management methods are best for each grade level but I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of it.  I've also found a few great resources online, include a really neat numbers packet for younger elementary that the first graders ate up today!

--- 5 ---

Did you see Lucia's nine month post from earlier this week?  If you didn't here's a sneak peak.  (Now head over and check out the rest.)

--- 6 ---

I wrote a prayer for working mothers last week.  I had been looking for one but just couldn't find one I connected with.  Have you ever written your own prayer? (One to say regularly, not just a one-time-use prayer?) This is definitely a first for me. 

--- 7 ---

I am hosting an online Thirty-One show with 10% of sales going to the American Thyroid AssociationMy mom, one of my best friends, and my husband's cousin are all thyroid cancer survivors and I decided to host a fundraising show in their honor.  If you are interested in learning more, read my review of my "teacher bag", learn about this month's promotions, or enter the $25 Thirty-One giveaway.

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  1. Love that hair style! I have the same problem with accessorizing and hair styling. I can't do either. You should do a tutorial on it! :D

    I cannot believe how big Lucia is! That is not possible!! She's just a baby!

  2. Thanks! Maybe I will. Lucia is so toddler now, it's crazy. I love it buy am a little sad at the same time.


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